Affordable Modern Farming: The 0% Finance Offer

October 12

Standing with British farmers

In the current financial climate, farmers are feeling the pressure. Rising costs and interest fees make it difficult for agricultural businesses to make major purchases. Committed to supporting British farmers, the McGregor group offers 0% finance* on AgriSpan. This offer allows customers to spread the cost of their Agrispan across 12 months while McGregor Group takes on the high-interest rates.

McGregor’s response to farming challenges

The offer is timed for farmers looking for winter shelter. “We are offering this at a time when the industry is struggling,” says McGregor Agriculture specialist Rob Vanhoucke. “Input costs are high, output prices are low, and farmers don’t have a lot of money at the moment. 0% finance can keep the industry moving.”

Prioritising Animal Welfare

The offer includes the 20.0m Agri Span™ Single Pod and the 20m Agri Span™ 2 Pods used by farmers looking to improve animal welfare. The shelter protects against harsh weather conditions and creates an open, naturally lit environment, ensuring fresh air circulation vital for healthy livestock rearing. As winter approaches, Agri-span is necessary for many farmers to provide a high welfare standard for their animals. 0% Finance means farmers can have their Agri-span ready for winter without a significant upfront cost.

Investing right with 0% Finance  

The exciting new development will give the agricultural industry the support it needs to get through a challenging financial year. Farmers no longer need to take on high-interest rates to provide a high standard of animal welfare. McGregor Group’s 0% finance offer slashes interest fees so farmers can make those large but necessary purchases for their animals.

*Note: The finance offer is subject to conditions, including a standard £150 admin fee, based on established businesses that have been trading for two years or more. It is not available for customers in the Republic of Ireland (ROI) or Northern Ireland

Alasdair Mcgregor

We’ve worked with British farmers for over 40 years. We know the cost of borrowing is having a massive impact. With our 0% finance offer, our customers don’t have to pay high-interest fees because we pay it for them. It’s our way of supporting the community.