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Amid peak holiday demand and other drivers, recycling and aggregate businesses are continually dealing with the need to securely store large volumes of materials that require processing and transportation.

Aggregate materials such as solid and liquid fuel, cement, asphalt, and more, as well as recyclables such as cardboard, paper, and metal scraps, can be bulky, heavy, and sensitive to weather conditions. Therefore, finding weatherproof storage spaces that are economical, durable, and functional is crucial for enhancing the performance and returns of these businesses.

A modern and transformative option for achieving this, which has been gaining significant traction recently, is the integration of modular material storage structures designed for commercial operations. These commercial storage structures are a far superior alternative to traditional storage bays and are revolutionising aggregate and recycling operations through sheer performance.

Read on to learn why you should consider installing them within your business and what benefits and opportunities this opens up for you in optimising your commercial operations.

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Why modular commercial storage structures are the ultimate material storage bays?

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Weatherproof storage of materials is a key priority for commercial recycling and aggregate distribution businesses. The formidable strength and durability of top-tier modular material storage bays allow these businesses to rapidly install formidable structures that significantly outperform traditional buildings.

This is all without the hassle of spending vast amounts of time and resources obtaining planning permission and engaging in drawn-out, costly, and complicated construction projects to build traditional storage buildings. The value and returns offered by modular commercial structures for material storage are sky-high.

Industry-leading modular material storage bays, such as OPUS, are made of high-strength galvanised steel frames topped with robust and long-lasting PVC-coated fabric canopies for the ultimate spaces to store loose materials.

Installation is extremely convenient as OPUS easily assembles onto a base of interlocking concrete blocks for rapid deployment times (as little as 48 hours in most cases). Moreover, it is highly resistant to even the most adverse weather conditions—effortlessly withstanding winds rated at 10 on the Beaufort scale while also providing maximum protection for materials from rain and snow damage.

What are the key benefits of using modular material storage bays in commercial recycling and aggregate operations?

Here are some of the main ways that modular commercial structures significantly benefit aggregate and recycling businesses in commercial storage applications:

Savings in transportation and handling costs

Professionals in aggregate and recycling businesses understand how materials exposed to rain and moisture tend to accumulate tonnage, with the added water weight inconveniencing handling and driving up transportation costs. Using modular commercial structures that provide reliable and dry storage enables these businesses to maximise their savings by preventing the water logging of materials, and optimising savings in transportation and handling.

Preserve the quality of materials and reduce waste

Materials, especially cement and paper-based ones, can suffer significant degradation in quality and may lose value when exposed to adverse weather. Also, having loose materials pile up amidst personnel and machinery at work is unsafe. Commercial storage structures ensure that materials remain securely stored and can help optimise their quality and longevity, adding the best value to the operation and minimising wastage in the business.

Efficient organisation of sites and higher productivity

Having modular structures in place to provide secure storage spaces will enable recycling and aggregate businesses to better organise their materials and maximise productivity as a result of more orderly sorting. This can save teams much time when unloading, retrieving, and loading materials for delivery, uplifting the overall productivity of the operation as all materials will be stored securely according to a plan that maximises efficiency.

Discover how the McGregor range of modular structures has helped numerous businesses from a variety of industries unlock their full potential for operational excellence.

How opting for modular commercial structures from McGregor is the ideal option for recycling and aggregate firms

There are many reasons why choosing a heavy-duty commercial structure from McGregor is the best option for you when creating secure storage spaces in your organisation.

Some of the key benefits include:

A high degree of scalability and expandability

Modular structures can be easily set up without much additional investment in the form of multi-bay setups as sites and operations expand in size and scope, saving resources and effort for organisations.

Convenient assembly and disassembly

 McGregor has designed its heavy-duty commercial structure for material storage - OPUS, to avoid lengthy construction times while providing rapid deployability and easy disassembly for relocation or storing away.

Increased relocatability

The structures can be moved around or between sites to meet the organisation’s needs more effectively through this added flexibility. This is ideal for businesses when the layout of the sites/projects changes.

Extreme dependability

The manufacturing of McGregor Structures uses high-quality materials and is made to meet the highest standards, ensuring that it’s a durable and long-lasting structure that can be relied on to serve businesses well.

Enhanced savings

Compounding the lower deployment and maintenance costs, the protection offered for storing materials also prevents waterlogging and wastage. Transportation costs are also reduced as the materials remain dry.


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