Deconstructing Shield Canopy: Disassembly and redeployment of your shipping container canopy

January 11

Shield Canopy boasts some of the fastest installation and deployment times in the industry; as little as 48 hours is all that is needed to set up and get your Shield Canopy up and running in most cases.

This means you can start enjoying the multitude of benefits Shield Canopy provides instantaneously and with this, also comes the ability to simply and conveniently deconstruct your Shield Canopy setup so that it is ready to store away, relocate, and redeploy.

The capability for rapid disassembly of Shield Canopy has been designed by McGregor Structures as a salient feature that matches the installation speeds and contributes significantly toward adaptability in your business.

Read on to discover specialist tips for when deconstructing your shipping container canopy safely and with minimal time or effort.

How does the deconstruction of Shield Canopy differ from the average shipping container canopy available in the market?

Compared to most container canopies, Shield Canopy does not require highly specialised engineering or disassembly crews to deconstruct.

Unlike most common shipping container canopy options, there is no drilling or welding involved in the attachment of the canopy to the containers since the Shield Canopy securely clamps onto the containers. This means that there is no damage left on the containers when it’s time to deconstruct your Shield Canopy.

So simply, with a few common tools, a small team, and little to no construction skill or experience, anyone can easily deconstruct Shield Canopy setups. The detailed instructional manual that’s provided with the structure makes it even easier to safely, swiftly, and successfully complete the deconstruction.

Relocation and reinstallation are just as simple with Shield Canopy as it is a formidable yet semi-permanent modular structure, making it ideal for temporary projects or installation in rented spaces.

What does the deconstruction of your shipping container canopy entail?

Deconstructing the Shield Canopy is a simple process that involves a few steps similar to the process for its assembly.

Here’s how to safely and efficiently disassemble your Shield Canopy:

  • Gather the equipment required

Our installers use a scissor lift and telehandler to breeze through the disassembly of Shield Canopy setups, since most organisations have this equipment on-site, they too can conveniently deconstruct their structure swiftly.

In case you do not have this equipment on hand, they can be rented at a very low cost for your disassembly project.

  • Detach the roof sheet of the canopy

The starting point will be to safely take off the roof sheet and separate it from the rest of the Shield Canopy. The scissor lift will be important at this stage to conveniently and safely access places that are hard to reach.

Using the telehandler to lower the roofing sheet is crucial as the hardy PVC-coated fabric roofing sheet of the Shield Canopy is considerably heavy.

  • Dismantle the galvanised steel frame

Similar to when it was constructed, all of the galvanised steel hoops and bars that make up the frame of the Shield Canopy need to be taken off by unscrewing them at the points where they attach to each other.

Here too, the telehandler is highly useful in safely and conveniently handling and bringing down the larger and heavier hoops.

  • Pack the deconstructed structure

To prepare the deconstructed Shield Canopy for relocation or storing away, all its components once dismantled, can be packed into the stillages the structure arrived in.

This allows you to easily pack the loose components so that they are not in the way of ongoing operations.

What are the key considerations in the deconstruction of Shield Canopy setups?

You may encounter two main challenges when deconstructing a shield canopy—the weight of the components and the height of the structure.

  • It is essential that you have the ability to safely reach the high points of the structure with plenty of room to manoeuvre. Our specialists recommend using a scissor lift for this, so if you don’t have one, you can hire an affordable one easily
  • The galvanised steel hoops that support all of the beams also have a considerable weight. Our specialists recommend using a telehandler to lift and lower them safely. If you do not have one on-site, renting one of these can also be very cheap and easy to arrange

Once the above challenges are addressed and as long as the disassembly team feels comfortable renting and using a scissor lift and a telehandler, while also being willing to dedicate two days of their time to the project, they can deconstruct a Shield Canopy setup by themselves.

Need more help with the deconstruction or relocation of your Shield Canopy setups?

You can always contact the McGregor team and we can arrange for a dedicated professional to conveniently disassemble and relocate your Shield Canopy setup for you.

For any further guidance before deconstructing your Shield Canopy setup or if you feel stuck when disassembling a container canopy on your site, our engineers are available to take a phone call and answer any questions.


McGregor Installer

I’ve been installing McGregor structures for years and the Shield Canopy is very quick and easy to install. If they have the time and a little bit of experience, I think anyone could build one in just a few days.