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Experience how an OPUS by McGregor can drastically transform material storage and elevate the productivity and results of your organisation with unmatched modularity and rapid deployability.

Secure and weatherproof industrial storage is a common requirement most organisations that deal with a considerable amount of loose materials or products need to fulfil for the efficient operation of their business. However, the specific storage requirement may change depending on the scale and the nature of the operation.

The traditional option for material storage has been the construction of large storage sheds on the outdoor spaces of the organisation’s premises to function as a warehouse either for storing products and materials.

However, building these traditional warehouses will involve extremely costly and time-consuming construction projects that could draw resources away from the core operations of your business and hamper investment into higher-value opportunities. Therefore, in most cases, this may not be the best investment for businesses to make.

Modular material storage canopies, such as OPUS by McGregor Structures, aim to address this critical need in a range of operations that include commercial recycling, aggregate distribution, construction, and more in the most feasible way for businesses.

Read on and explore why OPUS is a promising investment for businesses that need supremely sheltered spaces for material storage within short timelines and tight budgets.

Secure and weatherproof

The new and the old: How do modular deployable structures compare with traditional storage buildings?

In terms of construction, traditional storage buildings are fixed structures built upon levelled concrete foundations. In comparison, modular storage canopies are made of more modern, high-strength, and durable materials—usually consisting of an industrial-grade galvanised steel structure and a robust PVC-coated fabric roof sheet for the canopy.

At present, the performance of traditional industrial warehouses is rapidly becoming eclipsed by the results and returns delivered by modular deployable structures for the purposes of outdoor storage in a range of applications such as weatherproof aggregate storage bays as they have some major inherent advantages.

The emergence of modern alternatives in the form of modular storage canopies such as OPUS addresses the shortcomings of traditional storage buildings neatly while far outperforming them in a range of storage operations.

The main reasons that make OPUS a great investment for a range of industrial storage uses

Here are the key aspects of modular material storage canopies that maximise ROI for businesses in material storage functions:

Flexible spaces

Layouts of OPUS offer variable sheltered spaces to match the evolving needs of businesses. Although traditional buildings can be constructed to meet specifications that offer a larger amount of space when compared to a single modular structure, they cannot be altered post-construction. However, a multi-bay setup of modular structures can easily meet and far exceed the amount of space fixed buildings offer without any of the downsides.

Supreme durability

Cost- savings

Constructing large outdoor storage sheds is significantly more costly (in terms of both time and resources) compared to modular storage structures, both in the short and long term. Traditional buildings require a higher investment of time and effort to construct in addition to the costs associated with gaining planning permissions and the accumulation of higher maintenance costs over time. Hence, modular structures generate a higher ROI.

Effortless expandability

Rapid deployability

The speed and convenience at which traditional buildings can be deployed are hampered by the lengthy construction process and the complicated pre-construction phase, including the assessment of the ground prior to construction and the need to involve engineers and architects to oversee the project. A modular structure can be set up on any type of ground in as little as two days—a timeframe that cannot be matched in terms of deployability.

Rapid deployability

Why opting for OPUS is the best option among modular deployable structures for material storage

There are many factors that put OPUS ahead of the competition as your desired modular material storage canopy for creating secure storage spaces and optimising the performance of commercial storage solutions in your organisation. Some of the key features include:


The layout of the modular structures can be tailored into any setup that meets your specific needs, ensuring that it’s the perfect fit for your business. It can be installed as a stand-alone unit or expanded to a multi-bay setup effortlessly

Convenient assembly and disassembly

 McGregor Structures has designed its heavy-duty material storage structure, OPUS, to be easily set up on a base of interlocking concrete blocks, avoid lengthy construction, and provide easy disassembly for storing away

Increased relocatability

OPUS structures can be moved around the site or in between sites to meet the organisation’s needs more effectively through this added flexibility. This is ideal for businesses where the location of the sites/projects changes frequently

Professional services

 McGregor Structures provides professional and supportive after-sales services, ensuring that your modular canopy is installed correctly and safely. Our commitment to service will remain as steadfast as the integrity of our structures


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