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McGregor Structures brings together over 40 years of design and innovation to manufacture high-quality, durable, and versatile modular structures and shelters to the highest production standards right here in the UK.

Experience how an OPUS modular material storage canopy by McGregor can drastically transform and elevate the productivity and results of your organisation.

High-performance modular canopies for industrial-grade material storage, such as OPUS by McGregor, are designed to provide secure and weatherproof spaces for commercial operations such as aggregate distribution and recycling that require efficient storage facilities for large volumes of material. These are generally versatile structures that provide a range of benefits to businesses.

Typically, they fit into a wide variety of storage applications and function exceptionally well within business operations as they can be set up outdoors to better organise sites and prevent waterlogging and damage to the materials stored within.

With benefits ranging from rapidly increasing storage capacity and reducing off-site storage costs to improving savings by reducing transportation and handling costs while maintaining peak quality of the materials stored, using OPUS for material storage in operations offers a range of advantages that can help organisations grow and thrive—no matter the weather or season.

Read on and explore why OPUS should be considered an integral part of your commercial storage solutions and the main benefits of integrating modular material storage canopies.

High performance modular canopies

What are the main benefits of integrating modular canopies into commercial storage solutions?

There are many advantages of integrating modular canopies into operations that organisations can leverage in their efforts to boost savings, optimise efficiency, and gain a sustained competitive edge.

Here are the key benefits that make integrating OPUS layouts for material storage a better choice for businesses of all scales when compared to constructing traditional storage bays:

Optimised savings

Exposure to moisture can weigh materials down and increase haulage and handling costs due to the added water weight. OPUS allows businesses to overcome this challenge.

Keeping materials dry and in prime condition can ensure that businesses drive maximum profitability from the operation without having to incur additional costs in the handling and transportation of waterlogged materials or lose value due to deterioration in material quality.

Optimised savings

Supreme durability

Many factors can compromise the dependability and robustness of traditional brick-and-mortar buildings, such as waterlogging of walls and weak eroding foundations.

In comparison, OPUS provides robust protection that far outperforms traditional buildings, withstanding winds rated at Beaufort 8. OPUS incorporates robust galvanised steel frames and PVC roof sheets that offer formidable protection from the elements for materials sheltered within.

Supreme durability

Effortless expandability

Opting for integrating an OPUS layout allows businesses to easily set up and expand their weatherproof storage spaces with minimal additional investment.

Scaling up simply involves installing additional OPUS canopies onto the existing setup as and when projects expand in size and scope, saving resources and effort in organisations—especially in comparison to traditional buildings, which take significantly more time and resources to expand.

Effortless expandability

Maximum feasibility

The costs and time required to install and deploy modular material storage canopies are just a fraction of the resources required to construct traditional buildings.

Maintenance costs of modular structures are also significantly lower, compounding the lower deployment costs, the protection, and cover offered for storing materials, improving operational efficiency and leading to higher levels of productivity that reduce operational costs.

Maximum feasibility

Why opting for OPUS is the best option for elevating commercial storage solutions

There are many factors that put OPUS ahead of the competition as your desired modular material storage canopy for creating secure storage spaces and optimising the performance of commercial storage solutions in your organisation. Some of the key features include:

Rapid deployment

OPUS canopies are designed to be rapidly deployed, meaning that your business can start enjoying the benefits of secure material storage in no time. They are held in stock to be shipped and can be deployed in as little as 2 days from delivery


The layout of the modular structures can be tailored into any setup that meets your specific needs, ensuring that it’s the perfect fit for your business. It can be installed as a stand-alone unit or expanded to a multi-bay setup effortlessly

Convenient assembly and disassembly

McGregor Structures has designed its heavy-duty material storage structure, OPUS, to be easily set up on a base of interlocking concrete blocks, avoid lengthy construction, and provide easy disassembly for storing away

Increased relocatability

OPUS structures can be moved around the site or in between sites to meet the organisation’s needs more effectively through this added flexibility. This is ideal for businesses where the location of the sites/projects changes frequently

Professional services

McGregor Structures provides professional and supportive after-sales services, ensuring that your modular canopy is installed correctly and safely. Our commitment to service will remain as steadfast as the integrity of our structures


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