Modular commercial canopies in recycling: Navigating the Christmas recycling rush with OPUS

December 14

Each Christmas recycling business in the UK and across the world faces a massive surge in the sheer volume of recyclable materials that get piled up and collected during the holiday season. The glass waste alone discarded by UK consumers amounts to 13,350 tonnes over the festive period.

This can be an extremely stressful time for commercial recyclers, especially if they do not have the capacity to hold the materials collected in secure weatherproof spaces—to ensure they can be processed instead of being damaged by the elements to the point they are rendered unrecyclable.

In order to make sure that there are good returns from operations and to minimise sunk costs from wastage or damage to recyclable materials that are collected, commercial recyclers need a flexible and versatile form of weatherproof shelter to seamlessly navigate this Christmas recycling rush.

This is where modular commercial canopies for recycling can offer a sizable boost to operational capabilities and massively augment the capacity of recycling businesses to hold, sort, and process materials. Read on to explore how OPUS can be a modern and viable option for elevating your recycling operations reliably.

What are modular commercial canopies and what do they offer recycling businesses?

Modular industrial-grade canopies for commercial recycling operations can provide dependable weatherproof sheltered spaces to store recyclable materials securely and can offer unparalleled flexibility in operations as they can be swiftly assembled, disassembled, relocated, or stored away based on operational needs—the ideal storage bays for operations with a seasonal demand spike.

OPUS is a top-tier example of these structures that are made from high-strength materials, such as robust galvanised steel frames topped with highly resistant PVC-coated fabric canopies, that can withstand the harshest climatic conditions effortlessly while protecting all recyclable materials stored within.

Why should commercial recycling businesses opt for OPUS?

The manufacturing of OPUS commercial canopies uses the highest-quality raw materials and meets the highest production standards for ultimate durability and reliability. These structures far outperform traditional buildings with sheer performance and offer extreme versatility in operations.

Here is why it is the ultimate choice for recycling businesses seeking commercial canopies to become fully equipped and ready to leverage the certain spike in demand.

  • Extreme versatility for greater adaptability and returns

OPUS offers an extremely flexible storage bay that can accommodate fluctuating or seasonal demand seamlessly. Being a large open-fronted structure that can store varying amounts of material throughout the year, it allows recycling businesses to accommodate additional Christmas recyclable material without extra investments—maintaining operational capacity and offering businesses the opportunity to leverage the additional seasonal demand to boost profits.

  • Secure storage for maintaining the peak quality of materials

Establishing the ideal conditions for storing recyclable materials while they are being prepared for processing is made simple with OPUS as it provides weatherproof, ventilated, and dry storage areas which also means recycled materials won’t be damaged by exposure to the elements, especially during the current winter weather persisting across the UK.

  • Maximised value of materials and returns from operations

With commercial recycling and aggregates industries in mind, OPUS has been specifically engineered to keep loose materials dry and, therefore, allows these businesses to reduce wastage and waterlogging (which significantly increase costs for handling and haulage). Moreover, this means recyclable materials maintain a high resale value due to being securely stored in peak condition—this gives businesses the best possible return on investment.

  • Ensured readiness with seamless and swift deployment

OPUS can be deployed in as little as 48 hours so recycling businesses can swiftly leverage the numerous benefits that come with the rapid integration of modular storage bays. This is in stark contrast to the extremely time-consuming and costly construction projects required for building traditional storage structures that cannot offer the same benefits or performance as OPUS.

Need help integrating the ideal setup of commercial canopies in your recycling business?

A surefire way of integrating the ideal setup of OPUS for your recycling business is to discuss the needs and nature of your specific operation with a specialist provider with decades of expertise and technical know-how.

McGregor Structures has a solid track record for delivering industry-leading modular canopies for commercial recycling operations across the UK and a specialist from the team is always ready to assist you when you reach out.

Marcus Hawes

Operations manager at Scanmetals

Our stocks tend to grow and then wane over the year, so we needed to introduce some flexible storage to combat that problem