Advanced Protection

A dependable multi-bay structure that increases productivity. Opus™ creates an enclosed environment that protects loose materials. Designed for commercial recycling businesses and aggregate distributors. The canopy integrates with a precast concrete block base transforming aggregate, storage bays into a high-function asset.

Product Description

Maximising storage capacity and bulk storage at high volumes for large commercial operations, OPUS V-Max™ creates a space that takes care of everything.


Product Summary

Structure Size

12m x 16m

Total Height (3 no. blocks high)



Concrete blocks (800mm)

Roof Sheet

600gsm PVC


76.2mm Magnatube

Fixing Type

Concrete Bolted Base Frame

Wind Loading

500 N/m²

Snow Loading

600 N/m²

Optional Features




Opus can be specified as a single or multi-bay structure. The modular design allows an existing building to be expanded with low effort and reduced investment - additional bays can be easily added as a site expands.

Moisture Control

Maintaining the value of materials, OPUS forms a protective environment with features that control moisture. Air flow is maintained by a gable vent with integrated water management. A tensioned side-skirt forms a waterproof barrier between the structure and block wall, where multi-bay structures connect, a deep-section, steel gutter manages rain water to on-site drainage.


Opus is engineered for strength and longevity. Specified and tested for wind and snow loadings to European standards BS 6399-2:1997 & BS 6399-3:1988 2. BS EN 13782:2005. Guaranteed to Beaufort 10. Framework is constructed from 76.2mm (section), 2mm MagnaTube steel - providing superior structural integrity along with a lasting and high-quality finish. Cladding is manufactured from a 600gm Fire Rated PVC, fully tensioned at installation creating a robust and hard-wearing structure.

Concrete Block Base

The Opus structure integrates with a base formed of precast concrete blocks. Precast concrete blocks should be 800 x 800 mm (section) and of an interlocking type for structural integrity, the most suitable blocks are Legato type.

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Product Use Cases

Dynamic Applications

Opus™ is a structure that increases productivity for commercial recycling businesses and aggregate distributors. The modular design integrates with precast concrete block walls, creating an enclosed, weatherproof space that protects materials, enabling businesses to advance their operations, meet environmental agency legislation and improve the work environment.