Opus for Newlay Asphalt

Reliable asphalt storage 

Newlay Asphalt is an independent asphalt supplier providing a fast, efficient, and friendly service to both trade and the public. Responding to increasing demand in 2022, they expanded their capacity with a new product plant. 

Increased production required more raw material inputs; as a result, Newlay Asphalts invested in Opus to create a dry environment that reduces moisture in their recycled asphalt pavement (RAP). 

Energy-Efficient Aggregate Storage 

When wet, aggregates must be warmed before manufacturing to reduce moisture content. As energy costs rise, storage that reduces the need for pre-heating RAP keeps costs down. 

 Purpose-built for dry material storage, Opus maximises natural ventilation and reduces condensation. Its open-front design ensures easy access to standard machinery while promoting increased airflow within the structure. 

 The engineered air vent enhances airflow further without compromising water ingress because of the well-designed, inbuilt guttering. Opus maintains a dry environment, outperforming conventional buildings. 

Weather-Resistant technology 

With the UK’s rainy weather in mind, Opus offers exceptional water resistance. Its rounded canopy design ensures water runoff, avoiding the build-up of moss, leaves, and moisture typical of traditional buildings. 


A Strategic Investment for Sustainable Growth
Opus is a dry storage space supporting Newlay Asphalt’s growing business; working in conjunction with RSG  Structures Ltd we created a highly productive asset that helps them manage their raw materials, achieving long-term cost savings.

“The Opus structure solves the problem of keeping aggregates dry”

Jamie Brown, Director of operations at Newlay Asphalt

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