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Experience how a modular setup of heavy-duty structures and canopies by McGregor can transform the productivity and results of your organisation.

Seeking a versatile and durable structure for establishing sheltered environments that your business operation could utilise in meeting multiple use cases? You might want to consider investing in a heavy-duty structure that can cater to an array of business operations ranging from secure storage areas to covered outdoor workspaces.

A container canopy is a high-performance shelter that’s among the best heavy-duty canopies. It’s a modular structure that is made to be robust and use the highest-quality components. It can be easily installed and dismantled on any site and it offers a flexible and cost-effective means of meeting a wide range of operations in businesses.

However, not all canopies are created equal. Depending on your business needs and preferences, you might want to look for certain features and qualities that make a canopy suitable for your organisation.

If you are still wondering how to pick the right heavy-duty modular structure for your organisation, there are many factors to consider, such as the size, design, and versatility of the canopy. This page will guide you through the process of choosing an ideal heavy-duty structure that suits your specific business requirements and budget.

durable structure for establishing sheltered

What are the main steps to follow when choosing heavy-duty canopies?

There are many factors to consider when selecting heavy-duty modular structures to fit your industrial applications and be suitable to perform well in a wide variety of use cases within an array of operations in your organisation.

Here are the main considerations that have to be taken into account when making your purchase:

Decide on the size and number of structures in line with the scale of your operations

Start by measuring the scale of your organisation’s operations and requirements to get a clear idea of the area that is required to be transformed into high-performance sheltered spaces.

This initial step makes it easy for organisations to choose between the range of sizes that are offered by the provider. In instances where the scale of the operation and space requirement are extensive, organisations may have to opt for multi-pod setups to accommodate their material-holding needs.

The height and clearance of the canopy are also importation considerations, depending on the access needs of heavy machinery that’s operated on-site. Shield Canopy comes in a range of specifications that can be integrated based on the requirements and space available on the site.

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Determine the location and purpose of installing the structure

Traditional approaches to heavy-duty structures dictate that purpose-built buildings need to be constructed for each and every use case and application within businesses. However, innovations in modular structures and canopies are rapidly driving this conventional notion obsolete.

Pay attention to the environmental conditions and weather at the location of the site, especially in sites that are located in areas that experience heavy rainfall and snow loads, as significant costs and losses can be incurred in the form of damaged materials or bottlenecks in operations due to a lack of secure workspaces.

Shield Canopy offers optimal waterproofing and the ability to withstand winds rated up to Beaufort 10 in strength, making them ideal for use in any adverse environment.

scale of your operations

Analyse the cost and reputation of the provider

Whether the cost of a structure falls within your organisation’s budget is a key consideration to be made, but it should not be the sole deciding factor to base your purchase on.

The lead times for deployment, the level of after-sales services, and the reputation and track record of prospective providers also need to be taken into account when finalising your purchase of heavy-duty canopies. Shield Canopy can be deployed in as little as 48 hours by a small team without the need for specialist skills or equipment to set up.

It is recommended to opt for a provider that has a solid track record spanning a considerable number of years and a reputation for providing high-quality structures, complemented by comprehensive after-sales services.

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How opting for a setup of heavy-duty canopies from McGregor Structures is beneficial for organisations

There are many benefits to choosing Shield Canopy by McGregor Structures as your desired option for creating secure and weatherproof spaces in your organisation. Some of these benefits include:

Rapid deployment

McGregor canopies are designed to be rapidly deployed, meaning that your business can start enjoying the benefits of a container canopy in no time. A Shield Canopy can be set up and deployed in as little as 2 days from delivery


The modular structures can be customised into a setup to meet your specific needs, ensuring that it’s the perfect fit for your business. It can be installed as a stand-alone unit or expanded to a multi-bay setup effortlessly

High quality

The manufacturing of McGregor Structures uses the highest quality of raw materials and is made in the UK to meet the highest production standards, ensuring that the final product is a durable, dependable, and long-lasting structure

Professional services

 McGregor Structures provides professional after-sales services, ensuring that your container canopy is installed correctly and safely. The commitment to service will remain as steadfast as the integrity of our structures

Low maintenance

The modular canopies require very little maintenance, making them a cost-effective solution for businesses of all sizes. As the structures are also relocatable, businesses can accommodate their changing needs inexpensively


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