Shield Canopy MS-12 explained: What makes them the ultimate military shelters

December 7

Access to robust, rapidly deployable, and reliable sheltered spaces can be mission-critical when it comes to modern military, defence, and security operations. Such spaces can serve to significantly augment operational capabilities and boost performance in any theatre of operations.

Modern and modular shelters that are specifically designed for military applications are becoming an essential asset among institutions undertaking military, national security, and defence initiatives. They are prized for their rapid deployability, extreme dependability, unwavering robustness, and ease of relocatability by military construction teams and operational command alike.

Proudly serving the British Army and UK-allied militaries globally as well as marking 12 successful projects that have been delivered to the UK’s Ministry of Defence thus far, the Shield Canopy MS-12 is a frontrunner among modular military shelters that have stood strong amid the harshest environments to deliver results while being unhindered by adverse weather conditions or challenging terrain.

The Shield Canopy MS-12 can fit well within a wide array of military and defence use cases and excel in all of them due to its extreme versatility, ranging from providing secure shelter for storing equipment and vehicles used in operations to making comfortable working spaces for personnel to train, rest, and work in.

The high degree of modularity allows the Shield Canopy MS-12 to be quickly and easily transported at a moment’s notice while remaining robust enough to withstand Beaufort 10 winds, enabling it to swiftly adapt to changing mission requirements. Read on to explore what makes the Shield Canopy MS-12 a frontrunner among modular military structures and how it is engineered to meet the rigorous demands of military and defence operations.

How can the integration of modular military shelters elevate capabilities and mission success?

The Shield Canopy MS-12 excels at military and defence operations due to the following key attributes that are unmatched by traditional or other modular military structures:

  • Unparalleled strength and durability to handle tough climates and tougher mission requirements
  • Extreme versatility and adaptability to fulfil a wide array of roles and excel in line with operational needs
  • Superior cost-effectiveness and time savings in purchasing, installation, transportation, and maintenance
  • Ultimate flexibility and portability around the base or across many theatres of operation and frontlines

Made with the best quality raw materials, such as high-strength galvanised steel frames and sturdy shipping container bases, topped with extremely durable PVC-coated fabric canopies, the Shield Canopy MS-12 is manufactured to meet the highest production standards to offer unmatched resilience that underpins mission success.

In terms of deployability, an experienced military team was able to install the Shield Canopy MS-12 demonstration setup at Larkhill Barracks in just 48 hours. Moreover, the use of 10 multi-bay Shield Canopy setups in Operation CABRIT by the UK MoD (as its commitment to bolstering NATO Baltic presence) amid the challenging conditions in Estonia stands as a testament to its reliable performance.

What makes Shield Canopy MS-12 by McGregor the ultimate military structure for modern operations?

By leveraging both innovation and over 40 years of engineering expertise, McGregor Structures developed the MS-12 package to transform its flagship shelter—Shield Canopy™ into the ultimate military canopy.

Meeting the highest standards and providing formidable exteriors to ensure reliable shelter and protection from the elements and interiors that are spacious, well-insulated, and comfortable to work in, these high-performing military shelters excel at a wide variety of roles that mainly include:

  • Troop shelters and training/prep areas
  • Tactical vehicle storage and maintenance bays
  • Weatherproof storage for equipment or ammunition
  • Med-bays and other operational shelters

The following features that are dedicated to meeting military requirements more comprehensively also enable the Shield-Canopy MS-12 to deliver results that are miles ahead of the competition:

  • Easy access

The MS-12 package consists of a green, fully enclosed 12.2-meter modular canopy with complete access, which means a front gable wall with a manually operated PVC roller door for vehicle entry and a hinged steel door for personnel entry.

  • Added convenience

Instead of packing the structure into a stillage as with the standard packages, the MS-12 is packaged into a standard ISO container for easy transportation around the world at a moment’s notice. Up to four can fit into one 20ft ISO container.

  • Priority supply and delivery

The MS-12 package is always stocked and ready for shipping out and includes priority supply and delivery. Therefore, military operations consistently receive structures according to tight schedules, without delays.

  • Specialised roof sheet

The Shield Canopy MS-12 includes a specialised light strip that prevents light from shining from the top of the structure at night while allowing light into the structure during the day to create a productive and well-lit work environment. The roof sheet is also green to camouflage into its environment.

Why is McGregor Structures the ideal provider of military shelters to institutions in the military, defence, and security sectors?

McGregor has a strong track record for delivering success that spans over 40 years, including projects that have driven proven results across 12 projects with the UK’s Ministry of Defence, the British Army, and other UK-allied militaries.

To maximise service levels for militaries and security/defence organisations McGregor Structures has ensured the following:

  • A business model that is an ideal fit when working with the military as the structures are kept in stock ready to be delivered at a moment’s notice. McGregor can have a structure delivered anywhere in the world at an unrivalled speed.
  • The McGregor Group is JOSCAR-registered which streamlines the process of ordering a McGregor structure and demonstrates a commitment to meeting all of the military standards.
  • The Shield Canopy MS-12 also has an allocated NATO Stock Number (NSN), which is a codification system used by the Army, Navy, and Air Force. The NSN makes it easier for NATO countries to order from McGregor.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to a specialist at McGregor to discuss your requirements for modular military structures or to know more about the MS-12 package—they will be able to recommend the ideal setup that best suits your requirements.

Alan Chapman

McGregor Installer

I’ve been installing McGregor structures for years and the Shield Canopy is very quick and easy to install. If they have the time and a little bit of experience, I think anyone could build one in just a few days.