Specialist tips to guide the self-installation of your container canopies

November 23

Ease of deployability and installation are key factors that define top-tier container canopies that are designed with modularity, convenience, and versatility in mind.

This is definitely the case for McGregor structures; boasting extremely swift shipping and deployment times of as little as 48 hours, Shield Canopy was designed to be simple to self-install.

Engineered to maximise convenience for all businesses and have a wide array of use cases, Shield Canopy comes complete with a detailed instruction manual, which has been developed by our specialists to make self-installation easy.

In fact, many have assembled their Shield Canopy structures successfully without any prior construction experience and have found the process to be extremely straightforward and easy.

Top 5 tips to get the best returns when self-installing container canopies

Winter weather brings a host of challenges that affect businesses in the UK and across the globe from multiple aspects; here are the key reasons why opting for an industrial canopy that is fit for heavy-duty material storage is necessary:

  • Keeping upfront costs to a minimum

Explore the cost-saving option of second-hand containers at just a fraction of the cost when you have a requirement for a more permanent setup.

For more temporary setups, it is recommended to consider renting containers to serve as the base of your container canopies. Since the installation of Shield Canopy setups does not require the welding of the canopy to the container base, they can be easily assembled and disassembled multiple times without damaging your containers.

Hence, Shield Canopy is an ideal option for those looking for either a semi-permanent or temporary setup.

  • Saving a significant amount of time

Prepare in advance by sourcing the containers and having them on-site with the correct distances apart prior to the arrival of your Shield Canopy. If you need help sourcing a container, call and get in touch with one of our product experts and leverage their assistance at any time.

In addition, measure the width between the containers—both front and back as well as the diagonal distance between the containers from corner to corner.

This enables you to get started with the installation immediately, as soon as your Shield Canopy arrives and have it up and running in the least amount of time.

  • Navigating hard-to-reach places with ease

As the Shield Canopy can be quite a large and formidable structure, you will need a safe way to reach the very top of the structure while carrying the heavy-duty hoops.

Our installers use a scissor lift and telehandler to breeze through this stage of the installation. Since most sites already have this equipment or something similar on hand we recommend this approach for all self-installations.

In case you do not have this equipment on-site, it can be very easy and cost-effective to rent a scissor lift and telehandler.

  • Inspecting the ground by checking load-bearing capacity

The conditions of the ground can vary from site to site and different ground types have varying safe load-bearing capacities. You can refer to our site conformance documents for information on typical allowable bearing pressures under static loads.

  • Placing and aligning containers straight

It is extremely important to place your shipping containers on level, steady, and constant ground so that their alignment and level can be easily adjusted with respect to one another. When the stabilisation of earth is required, it is recommended to utilise a solid block material to make up for any instability in the current base.

Need more help with the self-installation of your container canopies?

Don’t hesitate to contact a specialist at McGregor Structures anytime you feel stuck when assembling a container canopy on your site. Our team of experienced professionals is ready to help you at any time.

Discover the full potential of the Shield Canopy for your operations here

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McGregor Installer

I’ve been installing McGregor structures for years and the Shield Canopy is very quick and easy to install. If they have the time and a little bit of experience, I think anyone could build one in just a few days.