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Agri Span is a robust livestock housing shelter creating an ideal environment for livestock, calves, sheep and ground-nesting birds.

Designed considering RSPCA standards, Agri Span creates the perfect natural environment, filled with diffused light, ideal for livestock housing. Healthy airflow provided by the stack effect creates clean air with low moisture content. Designed and manufactured by McGregor to be ready for deployment when needed

Agri Span protects animals and livestock from the weather, ensuring a clean and dry environment that is enjoyable to work in, maximising herd growth rates and improving flock management. McGregor has accumulated 45 years of experience, making these structures the best livestock housing buildings available.


Agri Span's modular construction allows an existing structure to be expanded with low effort and predictable investment. Building units can be joined together in a multi-bay setup, arranged in a format to suit large turkey farms or all-year-round calf rearing.


Designed for fast supply and construction where emergency livestock housing is required, Agri Span is manufactured in the UK by us and held in stock to be deployed from order. Once on site, construction can be completed in three to four days.


Agri Span is designed to be packed down and relocated with no permanent fixings used in its construction. The building fits together simply and quickly. The installation process is easy to follow and means the building can be moved to a new site.


Specified and tested for wind and snow loadings to European standards BS 6399-2:1997 & BS 6399-3:1988 2. BS EN 13782:2005.  Farmers are assured that their livestock and assets are housed in a robust structure that can withstand external pressures.


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Agri span


  • Designed and Manufactured in the UK to the Highest Standards
  • Worldwide Delivery
  • 72 hours Supply Time
  • 5 Year Guarantee


9.00m x 10.00m to 9.00m x 20.00m or any multiples

Structure Width

9.00 metres

Total Height

4.39 meters

Frame Work

60.2mm Magnatube

Fixing Type

1.60m screw anchor or concrete

Roof Sheet

600gsm PVC

Wind Loading


Snow Loading



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