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Commercial outdoor shelters have become increasingly popular among businesses looking to expand their operations and improve customer experiences. In fact, the global tents and shelters market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 11.3% from 2024 to 2031. This growth can be attributed to the numerous benefits these structures offer, such as providing extra seating capacity in unpredictable weather, increasing customer stay times, and serving as focal points for events.

Investing in a commercial outdoor shelter can be a game-changer for businesses across various industries. These shelters provide weather protection, allowing establishments to extend their usable space and accommodate more customers. Moreover, outdoor shelters can increase revenue potential by up to 30%, as they enable businesses to operate in various weather conditions and attract customers who prefer open-air environments.

With the right commercial outdoor shelter structure, businesses can create comfortable, inviting spaces that enhance customer experiences and drive growth. Whether it’s a restaurant looking to expand its dining area, a retail store seeking to create a unique shopping experience, or an event venue aiming to provide a memorable setting, outdoor shelters offer the flexibility and functionality needed to achieve these goals.

Secure and weatherproof

Real-world applications for commercial outdoor shelters to elevate your business operations

Aggregate storage bays

Outdoor shelters, like McGregor Opus, work perfectly as aggregate storage bays in construction, landscaping, and road-building industries. Their robust MagnaTube steel framework withstands heavy machinery use, while the gable vent and tensioned side skirt maintain a dry environment for sand, gravel, and crushed stone. They also reduce material loss from weather exposure, improve inventory management, and ensure compliance with environmental regulations. In addition, they enhance worker safety during loading operations, ultimately improving service reliability.

Effortless expandability

Retail pop-up shops

Capitalise on outdoor foot traffic by creating eye-catching pop-up shops using McGregor Opus outdoor shelters. These temporary commercial outdoor structures offer flexibility for seasonal sales, product launches, or special events. These shelters provide a professional and weather-protected space to showcase your merchandise, attracting customers and creating a sense of exclusivity. With easy setup and dismantling, you can quickly adapt to changing market trends or relocate to high-traffic areas, maximising your retail potential and brand visibility.

Retail pop-up shops

Outdoor classrooms and learning spaces

Educational institutions can benefit from McGregor Opus outdoor shelters by creating innovative learning environments. These structures offer a refreshing alternative to traditional classrooms, allowing students to connect with nature while staying protected from the elements. Outdoor classrooms promote engagement, creativity, and well-being among students and teachers alike. They also provide flexibility for social distancing measures and can be used for various activities, from lectures and group discussions to art classes and science experiments.

Outdoor classrooms and learning spaces

Event venues and exhibition spaces

Elevate your event hosting capabilities with versatile McGregor Opus commercial outdoor shelters. These structures can be transformed into stunning venues for weddings, corporate events, trade shows, and exhibitions. These kinds of temporary outdoor shelters offer protection from unpredictable weather while maintaining an open-air feel, creating a unique atmosphere for attendees. With personalised lighting, flooring, and design options, you can tailor the space to suit various themes and requirements, making your venue stand out in the competitive industry.

Outdoor fitness areas

Gyms and fitness centres can expand their offerings by creating sheltered outdoor workout spaces with McGregor Opus. These outdoor shelters provide a safe and comfortable environment for group classes, personal training sessions, or individual workouts. The combination of fresh air and natural light enhances the exercise experience, attracting members who prefer outdoor activities. These shelters also allow fitness businesses to maintain operations during social distancing requirements, offering a flexible solution to accommodate changing health guidelines.

Supreme durability

Automotive showrooms and service areas

Car dealerships and automotive service centres can leverage outdoor shelters to create impressive vehicle displays and covered service bays. These structures protect valuable inventory from the elements while allowing customers to view the vehicles safely. For service centres, sheltered bays provide technicians with a weather-protected workspace, improving efficiency and customer satisfaction. The professional appearance of Opus shelters also enhances the overall look of the dealership, attracting more customers and showcasing vehicles in the best light.

Automotive showrooms

4 benefits of McGregor Opus commercial outdoor shelters

Versatility and customisation

These shelters offer unparalleled versatility and customisation options. These structures can be tailored to meet your specific business needs, whether you require a small intimate space or a large-scale venue. With a wide range of designs, materials, and finishes available, McGregor Opus shelters seamlessly integrate with your existing architecture and brand aesthetics. The modular nature of these shelters allows for easy expansion or reconfiguration as your business grows, ensuring a long-term solution that adapts to your evolving requirements.

Durability and weather resistance

Commercial shelters are engineered to withstand diverse weather conditions, ensuring your business operations remain uninterrupted. Constructed with high-quality materials and advanced engineering techniques, these shelters offer superior protection against rain, wind, snow, and UV rays. The robust design not only guarantees longevity but also minimises maintenance costs, providing excellent value for your investment. With McGregor Opus shelters, you can confidently extend your business outdoors, knowing your space and assets are well-protected year-round.

Enhanced customer experience

By incorporating McGregor Opus commercial shelters into your business, you create inviting spaces that elevate the customer experience. These shelters provide comfortable, weather-protected environments that encourage customers to spend more time at your establishment. The open-air feel combined with protection from the elements creates a unique atmosphere that sets your business apart from competitors. Whether it's a cosy dining area or a spacious retail space, McGregor Opus shelters help create memorable experiences that keep customers coming back.

Increased revenue potential

Investing in McGregor Opus commercial shelters can significantly boost your revenue potential. By expanding your usable space, you can accommodate more customers, host larger events, or offer additional services. The versatility of these shelters allows you to adapt quickly to seasonal changes or market trends, maximising your business opportunities throughout the year. Additionally, the aesthetic appeal and functionality of McGregor Opus shelters can attract new customers and create buzz around your business, further driving growth and profitability.

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