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A farm’s requirements for housing livestock can vary greatly depending on the type of animals being raised; commercial herds of cattle and calves, flocks of sheep, lambs, and goats, as well as the rearing of pigs at a commercial scale—each demand different levels of space to prevent overcrowding and stress. Additionally, providing good natural lighting is crucial to promoting natural behaviours and maintaining a healthy day/night cycle for the animals.

Given these diverse needs, there is a growing demand for versatile housing options that can be easily configured to match the specific requirements for livestock housing, including feeding demands and weather conditions.

During calving and lambing seasons, special attention must be given to details such as temperature control, the ability to separate areas for birthing, and the installation of feeding and watering mechanisms. It’s also important to ensure good access for farm vehicles and equipment and ample airflow to facilitate fresh air circulation within the housing structures.

A modern and transformative option for achieving this, which has been gaining significant traction recently, is the integration of modular housing for livestock designed for commercial farming. These modular structures are a far superior alternative to traditional farm buildings and revolutionise commercial farming operations through sheer performance.

Read on to learn why you should consider installing them within your space and what benefits and opportunities this opens up in optimising your commercial farming.

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Key benefits of opting for modular livestock housing

Agri Span, an innovative solution to livestock housing guarantees optimal welfare conditions by prioritising comfort, health, and adaptability for commercial farming.

Enhanced quality and production rates

Modular housing for livestock plays a big part in improving the quality and production rates of farming outputs by creating a conducive environment. In addition, significant research indicates that animals raised in comfortable and stress-free environments show signs of increased growth rates, better feed conversion ratios, and higher reproductive efficiency. This translates directly into higher-quality products, such as meat, milk, or wool. Such high-quality products will then lead to exceeding industry standards and consumer expectations. With modular housing structures like Agri Span, which prioritises elements such as ample space, natural lighting, and ventilation, livestock can thrive.

Disease prevention

Modular housing for livestock creates controlled environments that significantly reduce the risk of pathogen transmission and disease outbreaks. Traditional structures may expose livestock to stressors, such as variations in temperature and humidity, which can affect their immunity and increase the risk of diseases. With the right ventilation and climate control, this risk that comes from unfavourable conditions, such as respiratory illnesses or heat stress-related disorders, is reduced. Modular housing like Agri Span provides a barrier against these elements, utilising features such as PVC-coated fabric roof sheets and sturdy mesh for superior airflow to maintain optimal conditions inside.

Efficient space utilisation

Unlike traditional barns or fixed structures, modular housing offers flexibility in design and layout, allowing farmers to customise the space according to their specific needs and preferences. By utilising their space efficiently, farmers can accommodate more animals per unit area without compromising their well-being. This space utilisation not only maximises the farm’s productivity but also betters resource allocation, reducing overall operational costs and improving profitability. Also, the ability to redeploy or configure Agri Span provides additional flexibility in land management, allowing farmers to rotate grazing areas or change housing arrangements based on seasonal or operational needs.

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Discover how the McGregor range of modular structures has helped numerous businesses from a variety of industries unlock their full potential for operational excellence.

How Agri Span’s product features guarantee optimal welfare conditions

Rapid deployment

 Agri Span’s heavy-duty galvanised steel frames and robust PVC-coated fabric roof sheets ensure quick assembly, providing immediate shelter when needed and comfort for livestock, and reducing stress during relocation or expansion.


With sturdy mesh for superior airflow and a formidable build supported by 1.6-metre ground screws at every hoop, Agri Span can be easily moved to fresher pastures, optimising grazing conditions and reducing the risk of diseases.

Easy disassembly and storage

Featuring a drainage system to handle adverse weather conditions, Agri Span can be disassembled and stored when not in use, ensuring zero disruption to the environment and providing flexibility when handling livestock.

Cost-effective installation

Agri Span’s use of heavy-duty materials ensures a durable yet cost-effective solution compared to traditional buildings, making it easier for farmers to invest in high-welfare housing without significant financial burden.

Ventilation and lighting

A translucent strip running the length of the roof sheet brings in natural light, enhancing the modular structures’ ability to provide abundant space, natural lighting, and excellent ventilation, promoting natural behaviours.

Superior durability

Built with heavy-duty galvanised steel frames and sturdy mesh for superior airflow, Agri Span offers superior durability, while protecting animals from the elements as well as minimising the risk of injury or discomfort.

Low maintenance

 McGregor’s Agri Span’s robust construct reduces wear and tear, resulting in lower maintenance costs and efforts compared to traditional buildings. This then allows farmers to focus on providing quality care for their livestock.

Convenient access

Agri Span is a structure that provides better access for staff. This better access facilitates efficient cleaning, sanitation, and monitoring of animals. In addition, it ensures that a hygienic and safe environment is maintained.

Adaptable interiors

The modular design allows customisation to meet specific farm requirements like separate birthing areas or the installation of feeding and watering mechanisms, ensuring optimal conditions for each stage of livestock management.

Accessibility for farm vehicles and equipment

 McGregor’s Agri Span offers a good amount of accessibility for farm vehicles and equipment. This ensures efficient operations and facilitates timely interventions when needed, streamlining operations.


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