Opus: Midi

Overview :

  • Dimensions: 8.00m wide x 8.00m long x 3.28m high
  • Gable End, Structure, Cladding, Side Skirts, Delivery Mainland UK,
  • Delivery Time: Ready in 5 Days
  • Construction Time: 3 Days
  • Model: 12345

Opus Midi is a robustly engineered, versatile 8.00m x 8.00m fabric structure designed to meet the demands of small-scale and temporary operations, particularly in the recycling and aggregates sector. Often functioning as an ancillary building on high-volume sites, Opus is supplied directly from McGregor factories on time.

Integrating with Legato concrete blocks, Opus offers a reliable and efficient space for storing recyclable materials and aggregates, transforming standard block bays into light, airy, and dry environments.

Opus Midi’s design accommodates block wall widths between 8.40m and 7.60m, ensuring compatibility with pre-existing legato bays due to the patented adjustable width design. The Midi variant of the Opus range is particularly suited for keeping loose materials dry before they undergo forward processing, a critical step in maintaining material quality and value.

The roof of the Opus Midi incorporates a translucent strip, enhancing interior lighting conditions. This feature improves visibility and ensures safety and manageability during operations, even on long, demanding days.

In addition, the rear gable mesh panel incorporating guttering and deflection systems effectively manages water, keeping stored materials dry and improving airflow through the structure.

  • Opus range comes with a 5-year guarantee, affirming its quality and durability.
  • Designed to withstand wind speeds of up to Beaufort 10.
  • Modular and re-deployability, aligning with the needs of dynamic site operations.
  • Rapidly delivered Worldwide
  • Ready for supply in 72 hours

Opus offers options for both self-installation and professional installation by McGregor, catering to different levels of expertise and resource availability. The self-installation option capitalises on Opus's user-friendly design, while the McGregor installation option ensures a higher level of precision and security for those who prefer a professional setup for a fixed price.

We provide comprehensive site set-up manuals, detailed installation manuals and operations & maintenance manuals with every order at purchase.

By having detailed instructions and maintenance guidelines, businesses can confidently replicate the setup process across multiple locations, ensuring consistent quality and functionality.

This ensures you get the most out of your investment over an extended period, providing you with a reliable and durable structure that can adapt to changing requirements.

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