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Why should modular livestock shelters be a key consideration for modern livestock farming?

Healthy and productive flocks and herds are the cornerstone of achieving maximised yields and returns from livestock farming operations. Therefore, housing livestock in environments that provide prime conditions is of utmost importance for continued success and growth.

While the construction of traditional livestock sheds and barns has been the main option available to the livestock farming sector in the past, contemporary operations demand a more adaptable structure that performs at a significantly higher level.

This is where portable livestock shelters come into play. They can be installed rapidly and cost-effectively with the ability to be relocated to any area of the farm or property. This ensures that animals can always be rotated onto fresher pastures.

Moreover, they can provide a superior level of protection and comfort for your prized flocks and also house them in a secure environment complete with adequate airflow, natural lighting, and ample space, meeting high welfare standards.

Why should modular livestock shelters

What are the key returns from opting for portable livestock shelters over traditional sheds?

Among the countless reasons livestock farming operations have for choosing modular and portable livestock shelters, the following reasons contribute mainly toward the ongoing returns generated from this lucrative investment:

Reduced risk of diseases and injuries among animals

Enhanced ventilation within the structure ensures that there are no breeding grounds for pathogens, boosting hygiene by eliminating excess moisture and circulating fresh air, allowing farms to reduce losses to disease.

Clean and dry environments keep risks of disease to a minimum. The shelter also has the strength and durability to withstand all harsh climates while keeping animals safe.

As flock health improves, livestock operations can enjoy lower costs.

Reduced risk of diseases

Improved yields and quality of products

Providing animals with optimal lighting, ventilation, and air quality can boost yields and improve the quality of milk, meat, and wool by reducing stress and enhancing animal welfare for high growth rates.

The superior quality of the harvest can also ensure that livestock farming operations gain a higher value for their produce, improving profitability and accelerating growth.

The high-welfare livestock housing practices are also more ethical.

Improved yields and quality

Optimised use of land and resources

These relocatable structures can help livestock farming operations avoid overgrazing, soil erosion, and nutrient depletion by rotating livestock regularly by enabling farms to effectively rotate pastures regularly.

Farming operations can utilise different areas of their land more efficiently by moving animals around the property according to the season, weather, and pasture conditions.

This ensures the animals are always housed within fresh pastures.

Optimised use of land

What are the salient features of modern modular livestock shelters that make them a better option for farms?

Here are the most prominent features of portable livestock shelters that UK farms must consider to be leagues ahead of conventional barns and sheds when it comes to running a successful livestock farming operation:

High portability and flexibility

Staff can move the modular structure to different locations, change its orientation, or adjust its placement. This is essential when systematically relocating flocks to fresher grounds

Easy access for cleaning and sanitising

The modularity of the structures offers generous and convenient access points to enable the structures to be washed, cleaned, and sanitised either individually or in batches

Hygienic and healthy environment

Livestock farmers can prevent the spread of parasites and pathogens among their flocks due to good drainage, dry and moisture-free environments, and proper airflow within the structure

Comfortable and humane high-welfare housing

The modular structures provide adequate space, ventilation, lighting, and clean enrichments for high-welfare housing of livestock in either free-range or organic configurations

Economical and sustainable modular housing

 Livestock farms can save on feed, water, bedding, and energy by opting for modular livestock housing to optimise the use of resources and boost savings while increasing yields


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