Shield Canopy™
Shield Canopy™

Shield Canopy™

Designed To Perform

Robust. Portable. Installed in just two days. Shield Canopy™ is the industry-leading container canopy - the ideal solution for creating temporary covered space or longer-term storage. Ready for deployment, Shield Canopy is the dependable shelter that spans between two standard 20ft or 40ft ISO shipping containers.

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Product Description

The 12-metre wide Shield Canopy™ is large enough to cover multiple heavy vehicles & equipment, while also being ideal as a covered outdoor workspace.


Product Summary

Canopy Width

12.2 Metres

Total Height (std container)

6.2 Metres

Frame Work

76.2mm Magnatube

Fixing Type

Clamping Bar

Roof Sheet

600gsm PVC

Wind Loading


Snow Loading


Optional Features

Full-Height Gable Wall


Partial Gable Wall




Rapid Deployment

Designed for fast supply & construction, the Shield Canopy is manufactured in the UK and held in stock so that it can be deployed from order. Once on site, construction can be completed in 2 days.


The Shield Canopy is a high-performance structure that improves businesses by protecting their people, material and assets. The canopy forms a dependable, sheltered environment with an internal space that supports high-value work. Standard features include an integrated light strip in the roof that fills the space with natural light and a neoprene rubber seal that creates a water barrier where the canopy clamps to the shipping container, limiting rainwater ingress.


Going beyond the standard container canopy format, Shield Canopy has a modular construction allowing an existing canopy to be expanded with low effort and reduced investment. Building units can be joined together in a multi-bay setup, stacked and arranged in a format to suit the specific use-case.


The Shield Canopy is designed to be packed down and relocated. The building fits together simply and quickly. The installation process is clear and considered and neatly integrates with the shipping containers.

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Product Use Cases

Dynamic Applications

Shield Canopy is an adaptable structure suitable for multiple applications, simple to deploy and easy to manage. The canopy is perfect for creating covered workshop space, providing industrial storage and protecting vehicles & machinery. Deployed as a relocatable temporary structure or as a low-impact permanent building, Shield Canopy is a flexible solution that transforms an under-utilised space into a high-performing asset.