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Station View Farm is a commercial sheep farm near Leven in Scotland. Owned and managed by John Lyle, this farm is home to many lambs every year, which keeps the farm busy throughout the season.

Every year, as spring rolls around, John’s time and energy are taken up maintaining the welfare of his ewes and lambs. The greatest challenge for sheep farmers like John is that fragile newborn lambs are highly susceptible to illness.

The threat of exposure, hypothermia, and infections is ever-present on sheep farms, especially in harsh Scottish climates. It is also important to have a clean birthing environment that prevents infections.

Ewes and lambs scattered across his field without reliable protection make keeping sheep healthy challenging and stressful for farmers like John. Hence, deploying robust and reliable sheep housing was of utmost importance at Station View Farm.

The requirement: Livestock housing that could stand firm against the harsh Scottish climate

When John was preparing for the next lambing season, he knew he needed to install dependable sheep housing facilities on his farm to ensure his flock of ewes and their newborn lambs would be safe throughout the year.

Well-designed housing facilities reduce the risk of exposure and make it easier to check and treat animals. Purposefully designed structures would vastly improve the welfare of John’s animals and make the lambing season less stressful year after year.

However, severe easterly winds at Station View Farm threatened to tear down most buildings, making most options entirely unsuitable for his farm.

Finding a structure that would maintain a healthy environment for sheep while standing firm against harsh Scottish weather is difficult.

The ideal fix: Agri Span modular livestock housing from McGregor Agri

Agri Span was a simple choice for John. The structure’s design purposefully ensures the creation of an ideal, clean, and natural environment for animal welfare and management while guaranteeing stability against Beaufort 10 winds.

It was a straightforward way to protect his animals during challenging weather. After talking to our specialists in agricultural structures, John ordered a setup consisting of six Agri Spans. McGregor’s unique business model meant that John’s Agri Spans were already in stock and ready to go, creating the shortest possible lead times.

The installation team then constructed the structure quickly, ready in time for the lambing season. In just three weeks after placing his order, he has all six Agri Spans delivered, built, and operational.

The results: Uncompromised shelter amid extreme wind loads

Station View Farm experienced severe winds that hammered straight into the structures that season. These are the exact conditions that John feared would tear down his system. However, the Agri Span setup stood firm.

The installation team screws the Agri Span into the ground using ground screws of 1.6 metres so that there is no chance for the structure to be uprooted in the face of adverse weather. The frame holds the PVC sheet tightly, ensuring exceptional durability and ease of maintenance. John could tighten the ratchet straps if the PVC sheet did come slightly loose, making it easy to maintain.

That’s why Agri Span can hold up against storms that would typically uproot trees and cause considerable structural damage to other buildings. Without worrying about maintaining his structure, John could focus on his sheep, and the lambing season was a success.

Today, the structures continue to be battered by winds and are not showing any signs of moving. Once the lambing season was over, John continued using the shelters to store various other products, such as hay bales, to protect them from the weather.

Explore how a personalised setup of Agri Span structures can take productivity and yields from your livestock operation to the next level

After the success of last year, the structures will continue to be home to newborn lambs for years to come. Because the building is modular, the option remains for John to add more structures to easily expand his building and create more space for his growing flock.

The Agri Span is a true asset to Station View Farm that gives John less to worry about in the day-to-day operations of his farm.

If you are interested in deploying Agri Span for your farm, we have them in stock and ready to be delivered. Please contact us today, and our livestock housing specialists will find the ideal structure

Station View Farm

McGregor Structures | Agri Span™

John Lyle

Station View Farm

"The Agri Spans have done exactly what we wanted them to do. We get winds that blow straight from the east and batter straight into us, and it was fine. If it was a plastic tunnel, it would have torn it to bits."


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