Agri Span™: Simplifying year-round sheep housing and lambing with unwavering protection in any climate

Agri Span™: Simplifying year-round sheep housing and lambing with unwavering protection in any climate

Longstone Farm Partnership is located in Somerset and primarily deals with sheep and beef/cattle farming. The rearing and housing of young stock on the farm is a crucial part of this operation where particular care is needed for sheep housing and sheltering of newborn lambs.

Adverse weather conditions such as strong wind loads and heavy rains posed a significant challenge to livestock farming at Longstone Farm Partnership, making lambing outdoors a difficult endeavour that had resulted in operational difficulties and lamb losses—challenges that Sue Heywood, who primarily works with the young stock, aimed to overcome by investing in Agri Span.

In the face of extremely wet weather hampering operations on the farm close to September, Sue notes that the fields were already very muddy, leading to the ewes struggling as well as numerous feed problems. This was far from ideal conditions with the lambing season fast approaching.

Prior to investing in Agri Span, two existing field shelters were used for sheep housing and lambing, which made bringing the ewes and lambs into them a difficult chore for Sue without extra help. This was amid a myriad of other issues posed such as inadequate ventilation and airflow that resulted in health conditions such as pneumonia among the flock and an environment that didn’t allow the lambs to thrive.

Longstone Farm Partnership decided to work with the McGregor Group mainly due to the merits of the structure, Agri Span, which offered optimal ventilation, layout, rapid assembly, and the ability to conveniently self-install, which made it the ideal choice for the requirement at hand.

Installing the building swiftly in time for lambing was a priority that was met precisely by opting for Agri Span, which performed exceptionally in lambing and sheep housing during the winter and Sue plans on also using the building for calf housing going forward.

Opting for Agri Span meant that the flock’s health improved with no cases of lamb mortality, pneumonia, or joint illness among the sheep on the farm. With impressive growth rates and high-welfare conditions, the lambs were strong, healthy, and comfortably housed even past the winter months.

Sue commends the service and experience working with the McGregor Group including aspects such as availability of support, ease of placing the order, rapid delivery, and convenient setup, accomplished with just the tools that were available on the farm and their local builder.

Agri Span excels in both form and function, being aesthetically pleasing and providing the highest level of protection for high-welfare sheep housing and lambing in stark contrast to traditional farm buildings and barns.

Agri Span’s formidable resistance to adverse weather conditions also meant that it easily remained unscathed during storms and made the lambing activities easy and more fruitful for Longstone Farm Partnership.

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Sue Haywood

Longstone Farm Partnership

"Agri Span solved the challenge we had this winter because the lambs were inside, we didn’t lose any due to weather conditions, managed to keep them all healthy, and made life a lot easier for myself"


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