Ministry of Defence

Shield Canopy™ deployed to support Operation CABRIT


OCTOBER 16, 2022

The Ministry of Defence operates globally, ensuring our security, defending national interests through the British Armed Forces. This deployment of Shield Canopies supports NATO’s Baltic Presence.

To strengthen Euro-Atlantic security, in 2016, NATO established an enhanced Forward Presence across Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland. Operation CABRIT is the UK operational deployment to Estonia, where British troops lead a multinational battlegroup as part of the security effort.

In February 2022, with the Russian invasion of Ukraine imminent, the British Army began strengthening Operation CABRIT’s capabilities to improve operational effectiveness. This meant an increase in troop numbers and additional equipment being sent to operate in the tough conditions in Estonia. During operations the armored fleet needs regular maintenance and shelter from the weather. This 10 bay Shield Canopy setup, gives the army everything they need, utilising the standard 20ft shipping containers that the British Army use for storage and shipping, and provides the vital shelter for the engineers while they carry out maintenance and repairs.

Shipping the canopies to Estonia and moving them onto further sites after their first deployment was made simple as the canopies were packed inside the shipping containers they were mounted to. The British Army required ten container canopies shipped to Estonia within ten days. Working with McGregor Structures to deploy the Shield Canopy™ was the perfect solution. We supplied ten canopies from stock to the British Army within two weeks of order. The nearest competitor offered a two-month lead time. McGregor Structures manufactures in the UK and can supply Shield Canopy™ from stock for immediate deployment.

Since delivery in March 2022, Shield Canopy™ has been re-deployed within Estonia adapting to the moving operation. We are incredibly proud to be a part of the NATO effort in the Baltics. McGregor Structures has now supplied 13 projects to the British Army, gaining a reputation for providing rapidly deployable, modular structures made in the UK.

This article contains public sector information licensed under the Open Government Licence v3.0.

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British Army

"Vehicle maintenance is an important part of any fighting force and the eFP Estonia Battlegroup needs its vehicles in top condition to deal with the challenging terrain, Shield Canopy works great for us. "


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