MyFuels’ Partnership

A Bright Future: MyFuels’ Partnership with Shield Canopy™

Improving Dry Storage

Myfuels needed a reliable weather-resistant structure that could safeguard its diverse range of products. As a growing business it was imperative that the storage system be both cost-efficient and adaptable to grow. Enter the Shield Canopy™: a game-changing storage system that not only met MyFuels’ specific needs but also seamlessly adapted and scaled up as their business expanded.

The Magic of Modularity

As a growing business, Myfuels needed a way of constantly evolving its storage infrastructure. The Shield Canopy’s design allows for seamless scalability, a feature MyFuels has capitalized on magnificently. At present, the company has integrated seven Shield Canopies into its operations. This isn’t mere replication but a strategic expansion, with the newest addition boasting our Shield Access package inclusive of a specialized door system. The canopy’s adaptability ensures that as the company’s storage requirements evolve, the solution evolves with it.

Why Longevity Matters

At its core, longevity represents a shield that safeguards products against external adversities such as unpredictable weather patterns. McGregor’s Promise of Durability, with a 5-year product guarantee, emphasises fewer replacements and enhances cost savings. As a business that values cost effectiveness, Shield Canopy fits MyFuels’ immediate needs and stands strong for years to come eliminating disruptions to business operations.

A Future-Proof Partnership

For MyFuels, the Shield Canopy™ represents more than just a storage structure—it embodies a lasting and adaptive partnership. This collaboration highlights a mutual dedication to unmatched quality, safety, and customer service. The modular and enduring design of the Shield Canopy™ ensures that as the company’s needs grow, the solution evolves in step, affirming its role as an invaluable ally for the company’s future.

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Josh Bagnall

Managing Director - MyFuels

"The Shield Canopies have helped scale our business operations up meaning we can store a lot more products in the areas that were previously outside storage."


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