Storage for Scanmetals

The power of sustainable innovation: McGregor's dry recycling storage solution for Scanmetals

Sustainability meets profit

For the recycling industry, residual waste is the enemy of profit. Each piece of valuable material in landfill represents an environmental setback and a missed opportunity.

At the intersection of environmental responsibility and financial success, you will find Scanmetals—a trailblazer in the recycling industry. They developed an innovative system to extract and sell the valuable metals hidden in waste-to-energy incinerator ash. By resourcefully extracting, storing, and selling these materials, Scanmetals maximises profits while reducing waste.

The Hidden Enemy: Moisture and the Metal Recycling Business

Moisture poses a significant threat to businesses like Scanmetals, particularly during the storage process, as it leads to metal oxidation. It is crucial to store metals in a dry space to minimise waste and maximise customer value. Scanmetals realised that relying on plastic bags as a solution was inconvenient, expensive, and unsustainable. Recognising the need for a reliable and waterproof structure, they made the necessary investment to safeguard their valuable metals and ensure long-term profitability.

Investment in Reliability

McGregor Group’s Opus proved to be the ultimate solution for Scanmetals’ moisture problem. Designed for the recycling industry, Opus will maintain the value of materials and boost profits. Its ingenious air vent and neoprene seal are engineered to be completely waterproof. The multifunctional design also offers flexibility and convenience. A 5-year guarantee and modular construction make Opus the ideal long-term investment for growing businesses. Opus will allow Scanmetals to operate smoothly, unhindered by moisture, for years to come.  

Investment Payoffs: Short-Term Gains and Long-Term Success

Scanmetals’ commitment to sustainability and profitability is a blueprint for success. Investing in the Opus will streamline operations, boost profits, and support their growth. A strategic investment in a storage solution that enhances profits has positioned the business for continued success.

Discover the product precision made for the recycling industry: Opus 

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Storage for Scanmetals

McGregor Structures | OPUS

Marcus Hawes

Operations manager at Scanmetals

"We did extensive research to find a storage solution and chose Opus because its high quality and long-lasting."


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