Shield Canopy MS-12

Introducing the Shield Canopy MS-12: Your Ideal Military Shelter Solution

The Need for Rapid and Reliable Shelters

The Military has an urgent need for speedy, reliable workspaces and storage. These shelters must be reliable and mobile, ready for swift deployment to remote and harsh locations at a moments notice. A slight delay in delivery can bring a meticulously crafted schedule to a screeching halt. A time-consuming installation process can hinder the productivity of military personnel. A permeable structure also poses a significant risk of damaging valuable equipment, compromising the mission’s success. The accumulating cost of these failures not only threatens the operation itself but also undermines the investment of time, resources, and lives dedicated to its pursuit.

Innovative Solution at Larkhill Barracks

The solution to this need can be found at Larkhill Barracks in Wiltshire where the McGregor Group has delivered the Shield Canopy MS-12 as a demonstration model. This structure serves as a testament to its potential to set the standard for future military operations.  The ease of assembly, the proven ability to be swiftly redeployed, and the demonstration of its capabilities to visiting departments of the British Army mark it as an exemplary model for military infrastructure, paving the way for future possibilities.

Swift deployment guarantee

Designed with the inherent understanding that time is of the essence in military endeavours, this shelter doesn’t just promise swift deployment – it guarantees it. The product arrived Larkhill Barracks within 48 hours, complete with clear instructions. Personnel on site noticed that the MS-12 can be assembled, deconstructed and redeployed by the military construction force within 24 hours, ensuring that precious moments are not lost to cumbersome installation processes. The transport stillage and compatibility with standard 20ft ISO containers optimize logistics, enabling seamless movement to even the most remote and challenging locations, aligning perfectly with the essence of military operations.

Our commitment to excellence

Beyond being a shelter, the Shield Canopy MS-12 stands as a symbol of unwavering reliability. Its neoprene seal forms a barrier against harsh weather and moisture, ensuring the protection of valuable equipment. Yet, its impact extends beyond practicality; a safe, dry, and comfortable workspace boosts troop resolve, heightening efficiency and overall operation success. The Shield Canopy MS-12 is more than protection – it’s a morale-enhancing force.

Crucially, the MS-12 transcends its physical attributes to symbolize a commitment to excellence. Its success story at Larkhill Barracks serves as an exemplar of what can be achieved when innovation aligns with military necessity. With Larkhill Barracks leading the way, the Shield Canopy MS-12 now stands poised to revolutionize military operations, ensuring unparalleled efficiency, reliability, and success.

We are proud to have worked with the Royal Artillery at Larkhill Barracks. Find out more about their important work here.

Discover the full potential of the Shield Canopy for your operations here.

Shield Canopy MS-12
Larkhill Barracks

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Alan Chapman

Warrant Officer - Royal Engineers

"The Shield Canopy MS-12 has many benefits, mainly being rapidly deployable, readily available and easy to construct by a military construction team."


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