Looking for the most durable and reliable modern weather resistant canopies that deliver an unparalleled level of performance in warehousing?

Experience how a modular setup of Shield Canopy structures by McGregor can far outperform any configuration of traditional storage buildings to transform productivity and results in warehousing roles within your organisation.

Weatherproof storage is an essential requirement in most organisations and this requires highly secure and efficient warehousing operations to be in place within the business.

Even though the storage requirement may change depending on the scale and the nature of the operation, the need for sheltered and weatherproof spaces to protect materials and products from the elements remains paramount.

The traditional option for storage in business operations has been the construction of large permanent buildings for warehousing on the premises to function as organised storage units that safely house finished goods, raw materials, and components until they are sent out for delivery or utilised in the production process.

However, modern container canopies have emerged as a far better alternative for businesses in storage and warehousing applications. Being a more modern evolution of storage structures providing weatherproof protection to meet the needs of business, modular weather resistant canopies are rapidly gaining popularity in the UK and across the world for their superior performance and greater functionality.

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How do weatherproof storage canopies improve warehousing operations?

When considering the setup, traditional storage buildings are fixed structures that need to be built upon a concrete base and constructed with concrete blocks, steel, and wood. In comparison, modular weather resistant canopies are made of more modern, lightweight, and durable materials—usually consisting of industrial-grade galvanised steel frames and hardy PVC-coated fabric roof sheets.

At present, the traditional warehouse building is rapidly falling behind its more modern and modular counterparts in the use case of outdoor storage as they have some major inherent disadvantages. The emergence of modular storage structures addresses these shortcomings and presents a great alternative for businesses to improve warehousing operations.

Lowering costs

Constructing large traditional warehouses is significantly more costly, both in terms of resources and time required for construction, when compared to setting up modular storage canopies. Permanent sheds require a higher investment of time and labour to construct in addition to the costs associated with gaining planning permissions and the accumulation of higher maintenance costs over time. Hence, modular structures generate a higher ROI with lasting cost savings in the short and long term.

Weatherproof storage spaces

Versatile deployability

The speed and convenience of deployment are hampered by the lengthy construction process and the complicated pre-construction phase of traditional storage buildings, including the assessment of the ground prior to construction and the need to involve engineers and architects to oversee the construction. In contrast, a modular storage structure such as Shield Canopy can be set up on any level ground in as little as 2 days—a timeframe that’s unmatched in terms of deployability.

Superior dependability

Enhancing flexibility

Modular structures can offer variable sheltered spaces to match the evolving warehousing needs of businesses. Although traditional buildings can be constructed to meet set specifications to offer a larger amount of space when compared to a single modular structure, they cannot be altered post-construction without incurring significant costs. However, a multi-pod setup of modular canopies can easily meet and far exceed the amount of space fixed buildings offer without any of the downsides.

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Why should Shield Canopy by McGregor Structures be a top consideration for any business seeking to deploy weather resistant canopies for storage?

Shield Canopy stands out among the competition as an industry-leading option for weather resistant canopies for businesses in the UK and around the world. Here are some of the main reasons that give Shield Canopy an edge over other commercial-grade shipping container canopies:

Rapid deployment

McGregor canopies are designed to be rapidly deployed, meaning that your business can start enjoying the benefits of a container canopy in no time. A Shield Canopy can be set up and deployed in as little as 2 days from delivery


The modular structures can be customised into a setup to meet your specific needs, ensuring that they’re the perfect fit for your business. It can be installed as a stand-alone unit or expanded to a multi-bay setup effortlessly

High quality

The manufacturing of McGregor Structures uses the highest quality of raw materials and is made in the UK to meet the highest production standards, ensuring that the final product is a durable, dependable, and long-lasting structure

Support services

McGregor Structures provides professional after-sales services, ensuring that your container canopy is installed correctly and safely. The commitment to service will remain as steadfast as the integrity of our structures

Low maintenance

The modular structures require very little maintenance, making them a cost-effective solution for businesses of all sizes. As the structures are also relocatable, businesses can accommodate their changing needs inexpensively


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