Agri Span: 20m Self Install

Overview & Features:

  • Dimensions: 9.00m wide x 20.00m long x 4.40m high
  • Includes: Structure, Cladding, Anchors, Gutters, Gates, Delivery Mainland UK
  • Delivery Time: Ready in 72 Hours
  • Construction Time: 5 Days
  • Model: 12345

The Agri Span 20 Self-Install is a cutting-edge, versatile livestock shelter that epitomizes modern agricultural needs. Spanning an impressive 9.00m x 20.00m, this shelter is specifically designed for the welfare of young calves, sheep, and ground-nesting birds, aligning with the RSPCA standards for animal care.

Agri Span 20 Self-Install comes supplied with concrete set anchors, simplifying the construction process. This self-installation feature works for farmers who prefer a hands-on approach, ensuring rapid deployment of the shelter; it can be ready for supply in as little as 72 hours.  As a permanent or temporary solution for livestock housing, isolation, or covered space for feed, materials, and equipment

This structure is unique in its ability to connect with the larger Agri Span 20 or Agri Span 10, either side by side or end to end, allowing for easy expansion to accommodate a growing livestock herd.

Designed with the well-being of animals in mind, Agri Span structures are built according to RSPCA standards, ensuring optimal conditions for animal growth and welfare. The Agri Span features an efficient ventilation system and an abundance of natural lighting, both critical for maximizing growth rates and simplifying herd or flock management.

  • Agri Span range comes with a 5-year guarantee, affirming its quality and durability.
  • Designed to withstand wind speeds of up to Beaufort 10.
  • Modular and re-deployability, aligning with the needs of dynamic site operations.
  • Rapidly delivered Worldwide.

The Agri Span, with its robust construction, modular flexibility, and high welfare environment, is an ideal investment for progressive farmers seeking a durable, adaptable, and welfare-conscious solution for livestock management.

Notes on how the structure can be managed - repeated on every buy now page - this could be ‘boxed off’.

We provide comprehensive site set-up manuals, detailed installation manuals and operations & maintenance manuals with every order at purchase.

By having detailed instructions and maintenance guidelines, businesses can confidently replicate the setup process across multiple locations, ensuring consistent quality and functionality.

This ensures you get the most out of your investment over an extended period, providing you with a reliable and durable structure that can adapt to changing requirements.

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