Enhancing cattle welfare with adaptable cattle housing with Agri Span

Starting at just £9,995, Agri Span™ is the ideal structure to create a comfortable and secure sheltered environment that enables cattle to graze, thrive, and grow optimally.

Are you looking for the most efficient and cost-effective way to manage your cattle housing on your commercial farm? With its formidable build and extreme modularity, Agri Span™ is the ideal structure for configurable housing for cattle.

The highly adaptable and sheltered spaces established with Agri Span™ are abundantly spacious, well-ventilated, and naturally lit—improving hygiene and cattle health to accommodate fluctuating temperatures while promoting high-welfare housing for cattle that boosts efficiency and yields.

Agri Span™ is designed to meet the changing needs of modern agribusinesses. Our dependable and robust build, innovative features, and rapid deployment methods set Agri Span™ apart from traditional fixed cattle housing. It is also ideal for dairy cow housing or when setting up secure shelters and calving, optimising flexibility to raise healthy and highly productive cattle in ideal conditions for growth and well-being.

Take returns from your cattle operation to the next level with Agri Span™. Contact us today to learn more about how our modular structure can elevate the performance and yields on your farm.


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Why choose Agri Span™?

There are many reasons to choose Agri Span™ as your preferred modular shelter to conveniently create transformative, high-welfare spaces for housing cattle.

Ready for rapid deployment

Agri Span™ is designed and held in stock to be rapidly deployed, meaning that your agribusiness can conveniently set up and start enjoying the benefits of configurable cattle housing in no time


Enhanced flexibility and scalability

The modularity, deployability, and effortless reconfigurability of Agri Span™ ensures it can be tailored into a setup to meet your specific and changing needs, making it the perfect fit for your farm


High-quality build for durability

The manufacturing of Agri Span™ uses the highest quality raw materials and they are made in the UK to meet the highest production standards, ensuring that the structures are durable and long-lasting


Professional services and support

McGregor provides professional after-sales services and comprehensive support, ensuring that the structure is installed correctly. Our readiness and commitment to service and support are resolute


Low maintenance costs

Agri Span™ requires little maintenance, making it highly cost-effective for agribusinesses of all sizes. Agribusinesses can easily adapt the structure to match their changing needs inexpensively


Ease of access for cleaning

The modular design of Agri Span™ prioritises easy access. The aisles are wider, the corners are not as tight, and the ceilings are higher, making it easier for workers and their equipment to access


Ready to take yields and results from your farm to the next level?

Discover Agri Span™, industry-leading modular structures for housing cattle, designed and manufactured in the UK with over 40 years of innovation and engineering expertise


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