Everything you need to know about Legato blocks in the installation of industrial storage canopies

February 14

When it comes to establishing secure weatherproof material storage in outdoor sites, setting up modular industrial storage canopies, especially industry-leading structures such as OPUS, is an easy choice to make. 

This is because of the ease and speed of deployment, robustness, and long-lasting protection as well as their proven performance in maximising returns in a variety of industries such as commercial recycling, construction, and aggregate distribution.

When choosing a modular canopy for industrial-grade material efficiency, strength and adaptability are key factors to consider. The use of Legato blocks to provide a strong and stable base for mounting the canopy immensely assists in meeting these goals.

Read on and delve into how interlocking concrete blocks such as Legato can be the most convenient and dependable choice for businesses when they require the ultimate weatherproof shelters for storing loose materials with OPUS.

What are Legato blocks?

Legato concrete blocks are high-strength interlocking concrete blocks that slot together similar to the well-loved toy building bricks, Lego. 

Their usability in heavy-duty applications and their ease of assembly make them perfect for constructing bulk material storage bays, serving as the foundational support for structures like OPUS.

These blocks interlock securely to form a sturdy and secure base without the need to use adhesive agents or mortar to hold it together. This aspect of installation also contributes to the significant ease of disassembly, relocatability, and reassembly of OPUS.

Why choose high-quality interlocking concrete blocks?

Spanning two 20ft or 40ft containers from side-to-side and an impressive height, Shield Canopy offers ample covered space within the shelter. This is large enough to hold a multitude of different gym and training equipment while simultaneously providing a comfortable workout space to the patrons using them. 

As the interior space is continuous and does not contain any columns or poles running through the centre of the structure, fitness centres and gyms are free to set up their facilities as they see fit, using the expansive sheltered spaces on offer.

How can you set up an OPUS storage bay with Legato blocks?

Assembling a storage bay with a Legato concrete block base is a straightforward process. You have the option to procure your own blocks or arrange for them through services provided by McGregor Structures when you purchase your OPUS shelters.

Once the blocks are on-site, our detailed instruction manual provides clear guidance on arranging them to accommodate the three different OPUS sizes. To expedite the installation process, we recommend arranging your Legato block bay before the arrival of your structure, whether you opt for the professional installation route or the self-installation route.

Where can you source your Legato concrete blocks?

With your convenience in mind, we recommend Elite Precast Concrete as a trusted supplier of Legato concrete blocks. With a focus on manufacturing high-quality concrete products, Elite Precast Concrete delivers Legato concrete blocks that serve as the perfect foundation for OPUS structures.

Their commitment to quality and reliability ensures that you receive durable blocks that meet the demanding requirements of industrial applications. Visit their website at www.eliteprecast.co.uk to explore their range of offerings and place your order with confidence.

Get in touch with an expert from McGregor Structures to discover how to deploy the ideal structures to meet your material storage needs

Keep your materials dry and in prime condition with reliable weatherproof shelters. Feel free to get in touch with our team of specialists to enquire about the ideal OPUS to meet your specific storage needs and learn more about the best ways of setting it up on your site.

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Owen Batham

Sales and Marketing Director, Elite Precast Concrete

Legato Blocks offer simplicity, durability, and versatility. At Elite Precast Concrete they are manufactured to the highest standards and are readily available for delivery making them ideal for the construction of sturdy recycling and aggregate bays.