A guide to sourcing shipping containers for your Shield Canopy

February 22

As new and innovative alternatives are brought into the commercial storage and industrial shelter industry, various companies opt for reliable and resourceful choices for their storage and outdoor workspace requirements.

Shipping containers as a foundational element for semi-permanent structures like Shield Canopy highlights the developing practicality within the industry. These multi-purpose containers, originally designed for transporting goods across continents, have emerged as a versatile tool, offering a multitude of benefits to businesses seeking adaptable and cost-effective solutions.

For Shield Canopy, the use of shipping containers is an exemplary advantage due to its portability. They allow businesses to adapt to different project requirements as the need arises. With their inherent mobility and modular design, shipping containers facilitate seamless adjustments, allowing for easy additions, removals, and relocations according to the changing business environments.

Shipping containers can also be a more cost-effective alternative in comparison to traditional building materials when setting up your semi-permanent structures. Without sacrificing quality, these containers allow businesses to have significant cost savings as their affordability also increases their accessibility in terms of sourcing time and availability.

Shipping containers are readily available, unlike specialised construction materials that may face supply shortages or delays. With a vast global network of suppliers, acquiring containers for semi-permanent structures is convenient and hassle-free. This in turn will provide further avenues for development without any excessive expenditure.

To increase the functionality of your Shield Canopy, shipping containers can also provide valuable lockable storage space in addition to being a foundation for your semi-permanent structure. Shipping containers are made of robust, thick steel making it highly water-resistant and durable. Unlike traditional storage options, containers have dust protection and highly secure doors that prevent theft and pests.

Evaluating shipping container options

Containers of different sizes

When selecting containers for your Shield Canopy, consider the two standard sizes available: the 20ft ISO container and the 40ft ISO container. The former is ideal for smaller structures, while the latter caters to larger canopies. Additionally, you can explore the possibility of connecting multiple containers to create personalised structures fulfilling your specific requirements.

Container rentals

For temporary projects or those with fluctuating spatial needs, renting containers offers a pragmatic option. With innovative clamping systems that ensure no damage during installation, renting allows you to enjoy the benefits of shipping containers without a long-term commitment. It’s a cost-effective option that prioritises flexibility without compromising on quality.

Containers for long-term requirements

For projects with a longer duration or a need for permanent fixtures, purchasing containers will be the best option for you. Whether you plan to repurpose them in the future or sell them once your project concludes, buying containers offers a versatile solution suited to both short-term and semi-permanent needs.

Second-hand containers

In opting for cost-effective alternatives, purchasing second-hand containers can be an attractive choice. However, it’s essential to prioritise quality to avoid compromising structural integrity. When sourcing second-hand containers, inquire about their letter grading, aiming for Grade B or above to ensure minimal blemishes and optimal durability.

Converted shipping containers

The versatility of shipping containers can be seen by exploring creative adaptations beyond storage. Businesses worldwide are repurposing containers as offices, bathrooms, and other functional spaces, leveraging their sturdy construction and versatility. These converted containers offer a blend of practicality and innovation, transforming conventional structures into modern architectural marvels.

Sourcing the right shipping container

Finding shipping containers for your Shield Canopy project is essential for its success. Whether you need a complete turnkey solution or plan to utilise existing containers on-site, various options are available to meet your needs. Our specialists can organise the delivery of shipping containers directly to your project site or guide you on setting up existing containers for seamless integration with your Shield Canopy.

For those in need of shipping containers, reputable businesses such as Cleveland Containers, Portable Space, and ATG Site Services offer a range of options and services to suit various project requirements. With their expertise and reliability, you can ensure access to high-quality shipping containers that meet your specifications. Explore their websites for more information on available container options and services.

Partnering with trusted suppliers like Cleveland Containers, Portable Space, and ATG Site Services ensures a smooth procurement process and contributes to the success of your Shield Canopy deployment. Whether you’re seeking delivery assistance or guidance on utilising existing containers, these companies offer the expertise and resources to support your construction endeavours.

As you begin to source shipping containers for your Shield Canopy, consider the diverse array of options available and tailor your choices to align with your project’s duration, budget, and specific requirements. 

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