Know if your commercial outdoor canopies are really weather-proof: The ‘weather-proof checklist’

December 5

With the heavy winds, rains, and snow of winter fast approaching, businesses across the UK need reliable structures that can be rapidly deployed to provide secure and dependable shelter.

The reasons for businesses to opt for a weather-proof canopy to provide shelter outdoors can vary, such as: for secure storage and protection from the elements for raw materials or products, comfortable extensions to workspaces or workshops, maintenance bays, and more.

Even though businesses may want commercial outdoor canopies for different reasons, they need to ensure that they are getting one that is suited to withstand harsh weather conditions and continue to remain weatherproof amid all adversities.

The ‘weather-proof checklist’ below can help businesses measure the capabilities of their chosen weather-proof shelters and provide vital information to guide the purchase decision.

The ‘weather-proof’ checklist 

Organisations that experience extreme wind or rain on-site can find it difficult to find a weather-proof structure that is suitable for providing secure shelter reliably. 

Over its 45 years in business, McGregor has perfected the recipe of uncompromised weather-proof shelters amid the most adverse conditions. Many structures from a range of providers are available in the market and advertise themselves as weather-proof; however, not all structures deliver the same results.

So how can you know if the chosen structure is truly weatherproof and will perform the same in any environment? The following checklist provides a simple way to know if a structure is really weatherproof:

  • Does it boast a Beaufort rating of 10-12?

When businesses experience extreme winds on-site, the experts always recommend checking the Beaufort rating of their structure.

For instance, McGregor’s structures are guaranteed to withstand up to Beaufort scale 10, while the OPUS midi is guaranteed to scale 12—this means they are guaranteed to withstand winds that uproot trees and cause considerable structural damage to most other buildings.

While a Beaufort rating of 12 may be excessive for most UK sites, a guarantee of at least Beaufort 9 will give businesses the confidence that the chosen structure will survive without getting damaged in adverse conditions over the long term.

  • Does durable galvanised steel form its structure?

Checking that any weather-proof canopy in consideration is made of high-quality, galvanised steel frames and structure will ensure long-term durability and sustained robustness, and prevent rusting.

Structures made of cheap or imported materials often start to rust very quickly when exposed to rain and can compromise the level of shelter offered. This could lead to unexpected lapses in protection that could cause significant damage to products stored or personnel working inside them.

While paint or other treatment options may prevent rust in cheaper structures over the short term, it can still be a costly choice that requires a lot of maintenance on top of being unreliable.

Opting for top-tier commercial outdoor canopies that are made from galvanised steel will save a lot of time and investment while delivering the ultimate shelter for materials stored within and for staff that utilise them.

  • Does it adopt a curved roof design?

If heavy rain is a concern, the shape of the roof can make a big difference in addressing issues with drainage and water retention.

Traditional structures that are used as workshops and storage areas will have a gable roof. This is not ideal in instances where there is constant exposure to severe weather, as it can lead to a build-up of moss and leaves, which constrains water runoff even further.

Poor water runoff combined with rusty steel structures can be a recipe for disaster. It is worth considering a curved roof that is commonly seen on many modern commercial outdoor canopies, so there is no need to worry about water build-up compromising structural integrity.

Does it have a high-quality ratchet strap tensioning system?

Before buying any modular structure, businesses need to consider how easy it is to maintain as this could be a task that consumes significant resources and time over the long term.

As intense winds put tension and stress on the roof sheet, especially at the points where it fixes to the frame, a variable/adjustable tensioning system can go a long way toward ensuring the long-lasting performance of the structure.

If the tensioning system falls short, this repeated stress can weaken the roofing material over time, leading it to tear. The ratchet strap system on McGregor structures allows personnel to easily maintain optimum tension in the roof sheet and extend the longevity of the structure for years.

Key takeaways for selecting the ideal commercial outdoor canopies for your business

When investing in commercial outdoor canopies for your business, be it a modular bay for material storage or a robust container canopy for workshop space for your site, ensuring that the chosen structure will remain strong for years to come is extremely vital, especially in regions that are prone to extreme weather conditions.

While many structures claim to be weather-proof, it is important to check for specific features that confirm their resilience. Consulting a specialist provider of dependable structures for commercial operations is a great place to start.

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Andrew Greening

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Our production facility needed a sheltered, weather-resistant space that could be supplied quickly. McGregor Structures’ rapid delivery and installation process resulted in a fantastic new production zone for us, and their team was a pleasure to work with.