McGregor’s Military Shelters are JOSCAR-Registered

October 26

McGregor Group is proud to announce that we are now JOSCAR-registered. This exciting step streamlines the process of ordering McGregor military shelters for those in the defence industry.

JOSCAR is a tool the defence industry uses to gather validated information about suitable military suppliers into a single system. This certification reduces the time buyers would spend qualifying a new supplier like the McGregor Group.

JOSCAR has rigorously evaluated every business registered with it to ensure they are compliant with legal, regulatory, and corporate governance standards.

Warrant Officer Class 2 of the Royal Engineers, Chris McGhee, said of the news: “Through JOSCAR certification, McGregor showcases its commitment to the high standards of the military and builds trust with clients.”

The McGregor Group’s registration with JOSCAR simplifies the defence industry’s purchase of military shelters and assures industry buyers that these modular shelters specified for military use are fit for purpose.

Benefits to new clients from the JOSCAR certification of military shelters

  • Greater assurance of compliance with regulatory requirements

Customers can rest assured that JOSCAR-certified suppliers carry less risk of non-compliance or any risks that this could bring. Comprehensive, accurate, and regular updates provide insight to buyers while minimising supplier/third-party risks.

  • Unified and dependable single resource to find reliable suppliers

JOSCAR brings together thousands of reliable suppliers that are fully capable of meeting the requirements of clients linked to the defence industry, under a unified, searchable, reportable, and easily accessible system to make a risk-free purchase.

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Alan Chapman

McGregor Installer

I’ve been installing McGregor structures for years and the Shield Canopy is very quick and easy to install. If they have the time and a little bit of experience, I think anyone could build one in just a few days.