Merits of using a heavy-duty outdoor canopy in businesses to protect from snow and hail

January 18

Each winter, heavy snow loads, hail, and other adverse weather conditions ravage the UK and disrupt the operations of many businesses. Snow damage to vital assets and resources peaks around winter and commercial operations incur many losses and costs due to repairs and replacements.

Unsheltered outdoor operations that could involve production or loading/unloading are generally forced to slow down or grind to a halt. The extreme cold creates unsafe or hazardous working environments and no business can risk the exposure of their personnel to temperatures that can sometimes dip below zero degrees.

When looking at the medium-to-long-term impacts of remaining unprotected during these harsh climates, the main risk factor is critical components of the operation, such as key assets, machinery, and equipment, being knocked offline due to snow damage, rendering the business inoperable till they can be brought back online. This could take anywhere between a few days to a few months.

A modular heavy-duty outdoor canopy provides a proven and unmatched solution for businesses that seek to maintain operational capacity and maximise productivity amid the cold and snow that winter brings. Read on to find out how Shield Canopy by McGregor is the ultimate modular structure to integrate.

Why should a modular heavy-duty outdoor canopy be your go-to option for beating the snow?

Constructing traditional buildings to meet seasonal requirements may not be the most practical option or the best use of your resources. Moreover, construction projects for traditional warehouses can be extremely expensive and time-consuming while also requiring complex planning permissions.

Therefore, opting for an industry-leading heavy-duty and modular industrial canopy such as Shield Canopy by McGregor generally presents the best option for a wide range of businesses from a multitude of industries.

Here’s what they can offer when integrated into commercial operations to beat the snow and hail:

  • Rapid deployment for unmatched performance at scale

In contrast to any traditional building, a modular heavy-duty outdoor canopy can be deployed in a matter of hours—in as little as 48 hours for Shield Canopy by McGregor Structures to ensure businesses can start enjoying all the functionality, unparalleled shelter, and high performance immediately.

Shield Canopy, as with all McGregor structures, is stocked and ready for shipping to anywhere in the world in order to minimise the lead times for delivery and deployment.

  • Ultimate protection from the elements with extreme dependability

When it comes to the ultimate and most secure sheltered spaces and supremely dependable cover for continuously and comfortably maintaining operational activities outdoors, heavy-duty modular canopies far outperform any traditional alternatives. 

This is made possible due to their superior quality and high-quality manufacturing; for example, Shield Canopy is able to deliver an unparalleled level of performance and reliability due to the highest standards of manufacturing maintained by McGregor Structures and the best quality of raw materials such as galvanised steel hoops, robust PVC-coated roof-sheets, and high-resistance ratchet strap tensioning systems.

Compared to traditional structures where their levels of protection provided can deteriorate significantly with constant exposure to adverse climates over time, Shield Canopy and all other McGregor Structures are calculated to specific snow loadings and wind loadings to outline the maximum newton per square metre the structures can withstand—this allows organisations to reliably receive unwavering and long-lasting shelter to optimise operational efficiency.

  • Supreme flexibility for cost-optimisation and maximum productivity

Keeping the volatility and the need for rapid adaptability for most operations in mind, heavy-duty modular canopies provide the most flexible option for businesses that prioritise being agile. Shield Canopy in this regard, provides spacious interior spaces that are well-insulated and comfortable to shelter staff or protect materials, machinery, and equipment that would otherwise be exposed to snow damage.

Flexibility is further enhanced by the ability to seamlessly disassemble, relocate, and expand Shield Canopy setups, as additional units can conveniently clamp onto the existing layout to increase the sheltered spaces available to businesses. The lower installation costs and maintenance costs involved also ensure that Shield Canopy offers maximum returns on investment.

Using a heavy-duty outdoor canopy saves time and enhances efficiency as it can also function as a comfortable and secure covered outdoor workspace. Since staff does not need to brush the snow off machinery each morning or be hindered by equipment or materials that are damaged by moisture when it is protected by a canopy, operations can optimise their use of labour hours.

How has Shield Canopy performed in the most extreme environments?

The deployment speed and reliability of Shield Canopy have made it one of the modular structures that is trusted by the UK’s Ministry of Defence—meeting the stringent delivery timeframe and in under two weeks, McGregor Structures was able to deliver 10 Shield Canopy shelters for operation CABRIT to Estonia as part of the UK operational deployment there in line with the UK’s commitment to enhancing the Forward Presence of NATO.

The Shield Canopy setup delivered to the MoD as part of Operation CABRIT stands as a testament to how well McGregor Structures can withstand adverse weather. This enables the UK’s forward deployment in Estonia to enjoy full operational capabilities amid the harshest climates including heavy snow loads and strong winds—protecting machinery and combat vehicles as well as troops and their equipment to the highest degree.

What should you look for when integrating shipping container canopies into your business?

For any business operating in the UK, it is recommended to opt for a leading and trusted local supplier that manufactures their container canopy products in the UK and has the ability to provide support and after-sales services to ensure you get the best use out of your structure.

Shield Canopy by McGregor has been engineered to perfection over 40 decades of innovation and expertise. Manufactured in the UK with the highest-quality raw materials and to the highest production standards, it is the ultimate heavy-duty outdoor canopy for businesses.

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Andrew McGregor

Head of Engineering, Mcgregor Group

All our structures are designed to specific wind and snow loadings; this allows us to guarantee the structures can withstand the harshest environments