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Shield Canopy™ creates vehicle maintenance bays

The McGregor team worked with Bell Equipment to implement this multi-bay container canopy as extra outdoor cover for vehicle maintenance, repairs, and storage which enables them to be more productive all-year round. Shield Canopy™ is deployed in a multi-bay set up, spanning two canopies between three standard 40ft shipping containers.

This multi-bay is a standard feature of Shield Canopy, the modular design allows the canopy to be constructed in multiple formats and expanded with minimal investment. Additional bays can be connected onto an existing Shield Canopy setup or specified as a multi-bay structure from the start like in this example at Bell Equipment.

From their site in Burton-on-Trent, Bell Equipment supplies articulated dump trucks to the earth moving and quarrying industries. The large scale of these vehicles requires a canopy with a generous width and good height clearance. We specified a stock 12.2 metre wide canopy which gives a maximum clearance height of 6.16 metres. Shield Canopy works great as a covered service bay and vehicle workshop, creating a comfortable space to work in, improving the engineers working conditions.

The Shield Canopy has a translucent light strip integrated into the PVC canopy as standard, this brings natural light into the space. Bell Equipment have added electrics and spot lamps into the framework, this is easily achieved as the steel framework has fixing lugs as standard, for this purpose where the hoop framework and purlins cross.

Bell Equipment
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Andy Pearce

Bell Equipment

"It’s improved our engineers’ working conditions. They now have a dry, lit, additional workspace out of the elements. It’s allowed us to do jobs that we wouldn't have normally been able to do. The McGregor team have been the easiest people in the world to work with. No issues with them, no issues recommending them."


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