Shield Canopy: 12m x 40ft MS-12 Military

Overview :

  • Dimensions: 12.00m wide x 40ft long x 3.66m high
  • Includes: 2 x Full Gable End, 4.50m x 5.00m Roller Shutter Door, Pedestrian Door, Structure, Cladding, Delivery Mainland UK, Containerisation
  • Delivery Time: Ready in 5 days
  • Construction Time: 5 Days
  • Model: 12345

The Shield Canopy MS-12, a military-grade structure, is uniquely designed for rapid deployment and scalability. 12.20m wide by 40ft long, it’s ideal for protecting military engineers whilst maintaining tanks and materiel.  The Nato Stock Number is NSN 5411-99-671-9116 // NCAGE U1W08

Engineered for resilience and functionality with priority supply, it can be efficiently shipped in 20ft containers and installed quickly, often within days, ensuring readiness for urgent military requirements.

A significant advantage of the Shield Canopy MS-12 is the ease of installation. It offers a practical solution without the need for specialized tools or welding. The installation process is straightforward and ideal for a military construction force.

This structure is compatible with 20ft  ISO shipping containers attaching seamlessly to these containers, creating a substantial undercover area without causing any damage.

The MS-12's modularity is a standout aspect, allowing for easy expansion. Starting with pre-prepared packages, the structure can be scaled up by attaching additional units. This adaptability is crucial for operations that may require varying levels of coverage and space at different times.

Protection from harsh weather conditions is a fundamental benefit of the Shield Canopy range. Its design includes a robust neoprene seal that effectively minimizes water ingress, ensuring a dry and comfortable working environment.

The built-in translucent light strip is a thoughtful addition, enhancing visibility within the structure, which is vital for safety and efficiency in operations.

  • Shield Canopy comes with a 5-year guarantee, affirming its quality and durability.
  • Designed to withstand wind speeds of up to Beaufort 10.
  • Modular and re-deployability, aligning with the needs of dynamic site operations.
  • Rapidly delivered Worldwide.

Shield Canopy is compatible with 20 or 40-foot standard or high cube ISO shipping containers. This compatibility means you can use new, second-hand, or rented containers for your project. The installation process does not cause any damage to the containers, preserving their integrity and value.

We provide comprehensive site set-up manuals, detailed installation manuals and operations & maintenance manuals with every order at purchase.

By having detailed instructions and maintenance guidelines, businesses can confidently replicate the setup process across multiple locations, ensuring consistent quality and functionality.

This ensures you get the most out of your investment over an extended period, providing you with a reliable and durable structure that can adapt to changing requirements.

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